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Strong neighborhood commitment

This family-centric neighborhood truly has it all, from Prospect Park to excellent schools. Plus, there’s a strong neighborhood commitment, making Park Slope a place where you can get to know your neighbors. There's even a community of resources for LGBTQ parents on the Park Slope Parents website.
park slope movers

Compare moving quotes

Still, Park Slope can be a bit of a hike from Manhattan, so make sure you compare moving quotes before selecting a professional mover.

Main challenges of moving in Park Slope

no parking

No Parking


Walk Up Building

narrow streets

Narrow Streets

How flatrate logo solves the challenges

Route & Job Planning

Experienced Movers

Smaller Trucks

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Avoid financial surprises

It's typically best to shop around for at least three quotes from different local moving companies. Ask if there are any hidden fees or mileage restrictions based on your current location’s distance from Park Slope. That way you'll avoid any financial surprises on the big day of your move. With FlatRate Moving’s guaranteed all-inclusive flat rate moving price, there are never any surprises with your moving and storage quote.

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