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When you move to Astoria you can forget the commutes and get yourself some elbow room for once. Many residents of Astoria even think it’s more diverse than Brooklyn and Manhattan, and frequently boast that it has the best Greek restaurants in the country.

Before you find that elbow room

That said, Astoria is pretty well populated. With a population of almost 79,000 residents, it can be difficult to not only move into, but get out of on a daily basis. To avoid your move taking longer than necessary, you should choose a local moving company that knows how to navigate the unique neighborhood challenges. FlatRate Moving is one of the best professional movers in NYC when relocating in Astoria.

Main challenges of moving in Astoria

Narrow Hallways
apartment building
Pre-war Buildings
crowded streets
Crowded Streets

How FlatRate solves the challenges

Experienced Movers
Experienced Teams
Smaller Trucks

astoria movers

Beat the crowds

For this reason, hiring professional movers is highly recommended. Save yourself the trouble of finding a parking space in one of the city’s most congested areas. Out of all movers in NYC, we pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of NYC neighborhoods. FlatRate Moving can assure you a stress-free move plus an all-inclusive flat rate moving quote for your moving and storage needs.