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Opinions run the gamut

Once a Jewish immigrant cultural hub, the Lower East Side has since transitioned into a multi-ethnic artist retreat and become the ideal home for hipsters on a budget. Opinions truly run the gamut here, as some people consider it quaint while others pulsing with life.

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What can't be denied

What’s not subjective is that the buildings are aging, and landlords are reticent to repair and replace post-prime elevators. As the best NYC moving company, FlatRate knows how to navigate small and older elevators as well as narrow staircases, so we’ve got your move covered.

Main challenges of moving in the Lower East Side

No Parking

How FlatRate solves the challenges

Route & Job Planning
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Early Start

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Avoid numerous taxi rides

Transportation is also difficult since you’re a long walk from the subway and the buses only have two stops in the area. Avoid numerous taxi rides and getting your favorite chair stuck in an elevator by choosing FlatRate’s professional movers for your transition to the Lower East Side.