Moving can be quite a hair-raising activity that can turn your world upside down if you don’t plan it out well. Where moving is concerned, the organization is everything. And did you know that you can use your trusty old (figuratively speaking) phone to help you even out all the kinks in organizing your next move? Here are some ways you can use your phone to organize your move:

Log onto the YouTube app for DIY resources and how-to videos

YouTube is a treasure trove of resources when it comes to offering you ideas on how to organize the moving day. Right from how to pack fragile items, and the effective use of bubble wrap (other than for stress-busting) to giving your house more curb appeal; if there is information you need, you will find it on YouTube.

Use moving apps to create a visual inventory of your things

Shortly is a free iPhone moving app that keeps track of all your stuff and makes locating that favorite coffee mug that you have packed away and can’t seem to find, a breeze. You can create a visual inventory of all your items with locations, photos, tags, and notes.

Use Google Keep to store your ideas, inspirations, and thoughts

Want a place to store all your inspirations, ideas, and thoughts? How about your phone? Or better still – Google Keep. This app allows you to ‘Keep’ images in a note, for times when you have just visited a friend’s home, and you are inspired by how she has DIYed her terrace garden. It will ‘Keep’ all the things you are in danger of forgetting about while moving, safe.

Keep track of all your tasks by creating a to-do checklist on your phone       

If you want to make sure that you don’t forget about any important task that you need to do while moving, you should write it down. Create an interactive to-do list on your phone, and check off items as you go along.

Save schedule and appointments on your phone’s calendar

Forgot that your movers are coming today and you haven’t even begun packing? Do away with nightmarish instances like these by using your phone’s calendar to set schedules and appointments. Remember to set a reminder for each task you need to perform or every appointment that you need to honor so that even if you forget, your phone will remind you.

Use your phone to backup all your critical data to the cloud

The cloud is a useful invention that allows you to backup all your important documents and data to it without any hassle whatsoever. That way, even if you do misplace something during the move, you will still have a digital copy safe and sound.

Moving only needs to be a daunting, chaotic, and stressful task if you allow it to be. There are tons of resources available that can make moving day as easy as pie. Now if there was only a smartphone app that would help you lift all those boxes! Until that happens, let FlatRate help with the heavy lifting.