The daunting tasks of packing and moving are over, but your move is not finished just yet. You still have to unpack and organize each room in your new place. If you directed your movers to place boxes in their designated rooms and areas, your job is almost sort of complete.

You’ve probably already unpacked your ‘Essentials’ box, linens, and necessary kitchen supplies, your movers placed all of your large pieces of furniture in their respective places so now you are well on your way to needing the rest of your stuff which seem to be sealed away in a sea of cardboard…

But, fear not! Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect to organize your entire home in just one day. You may need to make a trip to purchase items from your local Home Depot, Lowes, Target, or other stores to complete your move-in process.

Following these tips will help you while organizing your home after a move:

Start by making a checklist…
Document each room (including closets) in your home and determine which room can be fully unpacked in the least amount of time. The success and relief you feel when crossing off an item you’ve completed on your to-do list are going to be motivated you to move on to the next room. Once you create your list- map out a plan of action. For example, if you plan to start in your bathroom today, you may want to focus on your kitchen tomorrow so as not to overwhelm yourself with organizing everything in one day.

Once you’re in the room…
Each room will need to be approached with one thing: a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Now remove everything from all of the boxes in the room. You will begin to see all of your possessions clearly (and you can start taking apart and recycling the boxes). Once you’ve taken everything out of its respective box in the room, begin putting away the items into their designated areas. If you’re in your home office, taking all the cords and desk supplies out will force you to organize your desk and plug in your computer, printer, and fax machine.

Additional Tips:
• Another tactic when making your checklist is to start with the room that you will need the most in the immediate future. For some this is your kitchen, for others, this is your home office, and for others, it may be the bathroom. No matter where you begin, ensure that you finish what you start.
• While organizing your kitchen, be sure to line your cupboards and drawers before putting utensils, glassware, and dishes away.

What You’ll Need While Organizing Your Home After a Move:
• Inventory List from your movers or one you made while packing your old place
• Utility knife to open boxes
• Toolbox (or kit) to hang pictures, assemble furniture, hang shelves, etc.
• Recycling bin for cardboard boxes
• Optional glass of wine (note: we do not advise operating heavy machinery, tools, or using sharp objects while consuming alcoholic beverages)

*Do you have any additional tips that have been helpful while organizing your home after a move? Share them with us in a comment below!