Upheavals are to be expected when you’re expecting.  After all, you’re bringing a new life into the world that will inevitably change your own.  Many couples upon discovery of this new being choose to upgrade their living situation by moving to a bigger home.  That decision comes with more stress but moving while pregnant doesn’t have to bring stress if you know how to handle it.  Read on for how to move while you’re pregnant.

Take Good Care of Your Baby – and Yourself!

Even though you have a lot to prepare for with a baby on the way and moving into a new home, take time to take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals (if you can stomach them), and letting stress go.  Your baby’s good health depends on it!

Designate a Doctor

If you’re moving long-distance, start looking for an obstetrician and/or doula ASAP.  Go by recommendations from your current doctor, word-of-mouth, and other applicable resources.  In order to establish your preferred birth plan, you should give yourself enough time to get acquainted with your medical professional and for them to familiarize themselves with your pregnancy and general health.

Network with New Moms and Your Neighborhood

Right now, you probably have a decent support system, but once you move to your new neighborhood, you’ll need more localized socialization, especially with other people who are parents.  Investigate your new neighborhood beforehand and look for newcomers’ clubs and moms’ organizations like the International MOMS Club, so that you’ll have a ready network of new friends, playmates for your unborn child, and fresh resources.                      

Pack in Advance

Before you move, pack up as much as you can as soon as you can, so that if the move coincides with your baby’s birth or creeps up close to it, you’re ready but can rest.  Consider figuring out what items can go into short-term storage, too.  Don’t forget to set aside your hospital bag for when the baby comes.  FlatRate Moving can even provide packing services to assist you.

Delegate Heavy Lifting

There’s no need to stress your already strained body by moving furniture and heavy moving boxes while pregnant.  Most doctors will discourage you from moving anything because there are no “safe limits.” Enlist family, friends, and your moving company to haul major furniture to ensure your body and your growing baby stay healthy.

Accept Help

Your pregnancy may leave you feeling nauseous, tired, and cranky, so instead of trying to do everything yourself, accept any help you receive.  In carrying a baby safely and healthily to term, your priority is to rest, so take advantage of it.  Once the baby arrives, sleep will seem like a faraway fantasy.

Leave a Buffer Between Moves

If you can take time off before and after moving to your new home, do it.  Even if the movers do all the heavy lifting, the planning and stress alone from moving could make you more tired than usual, and you’ll need a day or two to recharge.

Nursery Comes First

After you decide where the baby’s nursery will be, ensure you carefully label boxes with the baby’s belongings and store them in a visible location.  Whether your baby arrives before or after you move, unload the baby’s furniture and unpack those boxes first so that the nursery is ready.