One of the best moving tips you can follow is to carefully edit what items you want your NYC moving and storage company to take care of. Mistakes can happen even with the most reputable movers, and there are certain possessions that shouldn’t be placed at risk. On top of that, most moving companies actually have restrictions on certain items, especially if they’re considered unsafe.

Here’s a general guide to help you on which packing boxes should go in the mover’s truck and which ones should stay with you.

Expensive or Irreplaceable Items

Don’t pack expensive jewelry and family heirlooms in boxes for the moving company. Instead, take the responsibility to move them to your new place yourself to avoid any potential loss. While most professional moving companies do have a policy for reimbursement of lost and stolen items, that won’t do you much good if you consider something irreplaceable.

The same holds true for other sentimental items that might not hold a lot of monetary value. Family photos that aren’t digitally backed up, for instance, shouldn’t be placed in the moving truck.

Dangerous Items

Your NYC moving and storage company most likely has items it won’t agree to move. Firearms, for instance, are considered dangerous and you also don’t want to be held liable if they somehow get into the wrong hands. Rent a car if you need to and take care of those items on your own.

Similarly, you’ll probably find limits on flammable items like gasoline, lighter fluid, propane cylinders, fireworks, and even cans of paint. You’ll need to make separate arrangements for these items or get rid of them ahead of time. They are typically on the list of things movers shouldn’t move. Besides, most of those probably aren’t things you want to take with you on a cross-country move anyway! 

Sensitive Documents

Personal information is also invaluable and can cause lasting damage if lost or stolen. If you’re working with an international moving company for an overseas move, remember to keep your passport on hand for the airport. The same holds true for birth certificates for you and your children.

Financial documents, like tax returns and bank statements, should also stay with you. Even with the best vetting from your NYC moving company, you don’t want to put your security at risk; after all, you have plenty of other things to worry about during the moving process.

Ultimately, you need to make sure you’re following the moving company’s rules of what movers shouldn’t move and also using your own common sense when deciding what to include with your door-to-door storage service.

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