From furniture to electronics, many items will be packed and moved when you transition from one living location to another. While you’ll likely handle many delicate and breakable belongings during this transition, some of the most delicate may be the alcohol bottles you’ve accumulated over the years.

Whether you keep alcohol in antique dispensers or simply have a large collection of drinks that you don’t want to be damaged, the proper moving techniques will help you to avoid potential problems. The following are three things to keep in mind when you need to move alcohol from one residence to another.

Properly Protect Bottles

The biggest concern people often have when moving alcohol is the potential for broken glass. This worry is heightened when alcohol is kept in antique dispensers. Properly protect each bottle containing alcohol by using proper wrapping techniques. Before moving day arrives, gather bubble wrap, newspaper, and similar wrapping materials.

To wrap a bottle of alcohol, secure the lid in place with a few pieces of tape. Then, wrap the bottle securely in bubble wrap and again in newspaper. Secure the wrapping materials in place with another piece of tape and then place the bottle upright in the packing container. By placing the bottle upright, you will lower the potential for spilling and will also simplify the unpacking process.

Avoid Overloading Boxes

After properly wrapping alcohol bottles, you must carefully transport them from the house to the moving van. This can be done most easily when you avoid overloading each box. An overloaded box is more likely to break, which can lead to bottles being broken when falling to the ground. Properly packed boxes will also simplify each step of your moving and storage process. If possible, pack alcohol bottles into crates with individual slots for bottles. This will minimize shaking during the journey from one house to another.

Loading the Vehicle

Place the boxes containing alcohol in an easy-to-reach location in your vehicle. Also, avoid placing other boxes on top of the boxes that contain breakable alcohol bottles. Finally, for security, always place the boxes containing alcohol bottles in the trunk of a car or the back of a moving van. This will avoid any potential complications involved with having opened containers of alcohol in the vehicle if you are stopped by law enforcement.

As you begin to unload the vehicle at the new living location, take a moment to inspect the boxes that contain the alcohol. Look for signs of wear from the journey and double-check that box breakage has not occurred. By taking these precautions, your alcohol will transport be easier with fewer possible complications.

Moving alcohol can be easy when you use the proper techniques. From properly wrapping each bottle individually to loading alcohol properly into vehicles, problems will be minimized when care is taken with this process. Additionally, every packing and unpacking task can be simplified by using moving and storage services as you move.

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