1. Move on an “off” day.

    Movers are busiest at the beginning and end of the month and weekdays are busier than weekends. If you have flexibility, a mid-week, mid-month move can save hundreds of dollars.

  2. Don’t take “iffy” items.

    Moving gives you a great opportunity to start fresh, so don’t bring things that have outlived their usefulness. You’ll also reduce your cubic footage – and cost – if you leave that broken desk or old office chair behind.

  3. Book well in advance.

    Book your movers as early as you can since moving companies quote prices based on availability. If you lock in your reservation early, you’re more likely to get a better price.

  4. Pack yourself.

    While it’s wonderful to have professionals do the job, it’s possible to do it yourself – especially with our advice and the packing materials available in our box store. Let our relocation specialists estimate the number and types of boxes you’ll need and deliver them a few days before the move.

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