Extra money can be hard to find when you’re moving.  Sometimes, you feel like all you’re doing is exercising your credit card and opening up your wallet for various expenses.  Watching money disappear could leave you feeling depressed and overwhelmed.   Before you start spending money on moving services and other expenses start saving and get moving by using these money-saving measures.

Stick to a Budget

Before you decide to move, pack up or hire a moving company, calculate a budget for you and your family.  Living beyond your means is one-way people go into debt, so be careful what you spend and find a new home that you can afford, not one you aspire to own.

Eat at Home

Not only should you eat at home and bring your lunch to work, make coffee at home, and drink tap water instead of investing in a case of water.  These little expenditures you eliminate will end up bolstering your moving expense account and help when it counts.  Using one water bottle versus disposing of plastic bottles daily also helps our environment.

Fix-It Yourself

Whether you already moved or are preparing your current home to sell, you may need to repair items in your house.  If you’re handy or a quick learner who peruses YouTube or Pinterest for DIY projects, take it into your own hands and start fixing or updating your home.  The money you save on repairs could pay for your upcoming moving services.

Decluttering and Donating

While you’re sorting through your belongings and packing, dispose of, or donate things you no longer use or need.  You’d be amazed how much space is taken on moving vans by junk you don’t want.  That space costs money.  If you cannot afford to move everything, don’t – declutter and donate.

Sell Your Stuff

Sell no longer wanted items via a yard sale or online using local Facebook yard sale groups or eBay.  As the old saying goes, one person’s trash is another one’s treasure.

Don’t Settle

When negotiating prices with moving companies and other professionals, do not settle on the first one that catches your eye or pocketbook.  Get several estimates for every service you seek.  At FlatRate Moving, we work with you to give you the best bang for your buck.

Check Your Calendar

Moving off-season which typically is September through May, will save you money as well as moving during the week.

DIY Packing

Although it’s a lifesaver to have movers pack your things, save a few bucks by doing it yourself.  You can further save money by using blankets and towels to wrap breakable items instead, but LifeHacker does mention that using linens can create extra work for your washing machine, so decide which the better alternative is for you.

Cut Off Service

Any utilities you don’t need can be turned off before you move, says US News, so you’re not stuck paying for something you’re not using, especially if you move at the beginning of the billing cycle.

Save Your Money

Watch what you spend when the movers finally move you to your new home.  Even though you may be excited to decorate, only buy what you need to furnish your home.  If you’re set on buying furniture, visit your local thrift shop or scratch-and-dent purveyor for gently used or slightly imperfect pieces.

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