After arriving at your new home, it is essential to organize your possessions so that you can find items quickly in order to prepare meals or get dressed in the morning. Unpacking the cardboard boxes and plastic totes from a moving van may seem like a challenge, but if you have a plan, then it is easier to accomplish the job faster.

Tip 1: Find the Containers Labeled Bathroom

The bathroom is the first place in your home that you will need to use while sorting your other possessions. While at your old home, you should have a container filled with the items required for a bathroom, including:

  • Soap
  • Bathroom tissue
  • Towels
  • Washcloths
  • Shower curtain
  • Shower curtain hooks
  • Bath mat
  • Shampoo

Have your professional movers place this box on the moving van last so that you can unload it first. Take this container to the bathroom, and remove the contents to make it easier to use the bathroom.

Tip 2: Unload the Kitchen Boxes

The next room that you will need to use is the kitchen because you want to drink water and cook food. The containers holding your kitchen’s supplies are also unloaded first, and if you
have marked each box with its contents, then you can find glassware in only a few minutes. Unload water pitchers, utensils, cookware, and dishes so that you can prepare food. When you are storing items in your kitchen, consider the best place for cutlery or dishes to make it easier to prepare meals.

Tip 3: Prepare a Place To Sleep

Don’t wait until you are exhausted to prepare a place to sleep. Unpacking and organizing your bedroom to have linens and a pillow on the bed is a priority. Moving is a stressful event, and you must get enough sleep to avoid feeling terrible. Make sure to have the tools required for assembling your family’s bed frames.

Tip 4: Know Where You Want to Place the Heaviest Items

Before moving to your new destination, know where you want the heaviest items placed in each room. While you can move smaller boxes, you can’t push a huge armoire into your bedroom or lift a heavy couch. Make sure that the professional movers put these items in the permanent locations in your home so that you won’t need to hire someone to help you later.

Tip 5: Unpack and Hang Fabric Items

If you are moving your old draperies, hang these items quickly to avoid having deep wrinkles in the fabrics. You will also want to hang your clothing as fast as possible so that you won’t need to steam or iron everything to remove the wrinkles. Make sure to pack your hangers with the garments so that you can hang coats, slacks, blouses, and dresses in only a few minutes.

Don’t want to unpack yourself? FlatRate Moving packing professionals will start unpacking the moment your belongings are brought into your new home.