MOVING CAN BE EXHAUSTING, stressful, challenging, and even take a toll on your health. What we forget is that a move stands for a new beginning, a rebirth, and growth on so many levels of our lives. Sometimes we move because we lose our job or we move because we gain promotion. A move can happen because of a divorce and even transpire because of the news that a little one is soon to arrive. Whatever the reason, the more prepared you are before your move, the easier it will be to move forward with ease in your life. Then the most exciting time is upon you… creating a space to thrive in for your immediate future to bloom. Follow this 6 O.C.D. tips to help you ease into your new home

1. TAKE A ROOM AT A TIME and think about what you want from it. You should try and do this before moving into your new space. Measure the space, make decisions and know what you want to do with it, before your arrival. Pick a color scheme that works for you, that makes you feel good, and then start to design your space by adding personal touches. To save some money try and utilize pieces of furniture you already have and go off that. If you are breaking the bank and want to go all out, draw up creative inspiration from designers all over the web and mix and match their expertise with your taste.

2. LET THINGS GO and make sure you don’t show up to your new home with an excessive amount of belongings. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to solve a puzzle that calls for 1000 pieces and you, for some reason, have 1067. We don’t always get to move up in life and when your situation calls for a downsize, it means a downsize all around. If it becomes hard for you to admit that you must let some things go that you may not want to, remember that you acquired your possessions at one point and will be able to acquire them again.

3. GET ORGANIZED before your move. Being organized before your move, during your move, and of course, after you move will eliminate the bulk of your stress. Make sure your boxes are properly labeled and even color-coded per room. This will allow your movers to bring items into your home without disrupting you during the move. This will also save your back the heavy lifting as boxes will get to their destination in one trip.

4. UNPACK IMMEDIATELY and get things into the places they go. The faster you unpack and get situated the faster you can get things moving in your life again. It should be easy, right? You have already determined where everything is going already and have packed your boxes accordingly. If what I just said was confusing to you, go back and read the LET THINGS GO section!

5. LIVE IN YOUR NEW SPACE like you just figured out how to walk. Better yet perform a ritual of “sagging” or “smudging” as some people put it and cleanse your space making it all yours. This is a Feng Shui technique that can be done ANYTIME. I prefer to do it once all of your belongings have arrived and have been unpacked. Follow the simple process that dates back to ancient times and create new energy in your home that is all yours, void of anything negative. You can add to the ceremony anything you like to make it your own. Just make sure you don’t burn your house down!

6. HAVE A PARTY, a small party, and invite a group of friends that will bring you housewarming gifts! Make memories in your news space, set rules, and even think about making your home a shoeless home. It will save you time and energy in cleaning and dusting. Oh yeah, make sure you have a great assortment of board games before your party or know where you stored Rock Band. It seems appropriate, right?!