One of the hardest decisions you may face is trying to decide which day of the week to move, to have the easiest moving day possible… Most people move on the weekends because they work all week. However, although this may be convenient, sometimes it is in your best interest to take a day off and schedule your move Monday through Thursday. You may think this sounds strange to take a day off that is potential without pay, but there are a lot of advantages to doing so.

Weekend Moves Are Convenient

Weekend moves are popular because they seem like the most logical choice. You already have a day off and the kids are home from school, so it just seems right. Plus, there is no concern about getting stuck in rush hour traffic. Not to mention, if you move on Saturday morning, you have the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday to unpack and get settled. Unfortunately, this is where the list of benefits ends.

Weekend moves are almost always going to cost you more money because movers have full schedules. Sure, the kids are home, but you will probably get a sitter anyway, so they are not in the way. Also, there may not be rush hour traffic, but most of your neighborhood or apartment building will likely be off work. This means you could have a lot of people peeking through their blinds and checking out your furniture. There is nothing necessarily wrong with moving on a weekend, but you should just know that it is not necessarily the most attractive option, if you stop to think about it.

Advantages of a Weekday Move

Since movers are generally less busy during the week, you can usually get a much better deal. They are more lenient with their pricing to fill those empty slots in their schedule. These savings could make up for the price of taking the day off.

Most people will be at work when you move in, so you do not have to feel as though you are being examined from head to toe or wonder if people are judging your mismatched furniture pieces. If you are moving into an apartment complex or high-rise, you want to move when everyone is working, so there is less traffic in the hallways. Do not forget to find out if you have reserved the service elevator.

If you are worried about rush hour traffic, don’t be. Schedule the movers to your home for around 8 am. You will be on the road after rush hour traffic and loaded into your new home before everyone gets off work, providing you are not traveling a significant distance.

Also, it is a lot easier to move during the week while the kids are in school. You will put them on the bus or drop them off in the morning before the movers arrive and you will likely have time to get a few essentials unpacked before you have to pick them up. You won’t have to worry about them getting in the way or deal with any toddler (or teenage!) tantrum in front of the movers.

There is not necessarily a right or wrong day to move. However, you should weigh the pros and cons of your options before making your decision.

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