Moving can be one of the most chaotic and stressful times in our lives. Any tricks that will help organize the mess are always welcomed. Anyone that has moved will tell you that clothes are like hangars, they seem to multiply and turn up in the strangest places even after you thought you were done. Here are a few tips to get you over the clothing hurdle.

Timing is Everything

Chances are, you have set a go date well in advance. Take advantage of that time. A few weeks in advance, refresh everyone’s wardrobes. Go through one room a day sorting clothes. Off-season clothing can be packed first as it is not needed immediately. Pacing yourself will make the entire process go more smoothly, and reduce stress. This should be part of your pre-moving checklist.

To Pack or Not to Pack

After sorting everyone’s clothing, decide what to do with that pile of unwanted things. You could avoid double handling later by choosing to donate them to a thrift store. You could also offset a bit of the cost of moving by having a yard sale, but the most ingenious idea is to use the unwanted clothes as packing material. Cut the cost of materials by using them to efficiently wrap dishes, curios, box fillers, or padding for mirrors. Wrap perfumes, colognes, deodorants, and shampoo bottles in a sock. Even if you are going to use the zippy bag method, a sock around each bottle will not only cushion them but will contain spills better. If you are going to donate the clothes, why not do it in the new home and use it as an excuse to explore the new neighborhood FlatRate makes donating easy!

Finish Strong

Now that you have all the unnecessary things out of your way, make one more sweep of the house to make sure there are no stragglers in odd closets or the laundry room. You should pack one week’s worth of whole outfits for everyone and keep them close at hand. This eases the hassles of digging through boxes and bags just to get to school or work. Most people try to use boxes for packing clothing, but this is just not the best use of truck space.

Clothing bags are great as they can lie flat, or hang out of the way. But the best way to efficiently pack everyday clothes is in vacuum bags. They are made of heavy enough material to keep your clothes safe, plus they make excellent space fillers. They can easily and safely be tucked into wasted spaces like bookshelves or media centers, or even packed against mirrors for a bit more protection. Of course, you will want to use bags or moving wardrobe boxes for finer clothes, but for kids’ jeans and tees, this is definitely the most space-saving method.

Feeling overwhelmed and want some help? The FlatRate Professional Packing Service is here for you!