Few people think about the trouble they are in when it comes time to move their printer. Whether you are moving an office, moving into storage, or setting up in a new house, proper printer moving is crucial. Thankfully, with the help of this article, you will avoid some of the most common troubles movers experience when it comes time to transfer a printer.

Inkjet Printer Moving Tips

First, it helps to remove the ink cartridges from the printer. Few people realize what a mess they will make when the printer tips and the ink cartridges spill all over the place. This ink will stain anything it touches, and you will not be able to remove the stains. If you still have the original container for the printer cartridges, just go ahead and put them back inside. Make sure they don’t tip over because that is how the ink will spill out. It’s a good idea to tape these containers upright inside any of your moving boxes. Make sure they are inside a zip lock bag.

If you don’t have the original containers, you can fashion a small container with a few pieces of cardboard and some aluminum foil. Make sure you form a box by placing the cardboard on each side of the cartridge and then wrapping it snugly in foil. Put the make-shift box into a plastic bag to avoid leakages, and make sure to tape them upright inside of the box.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are a bit easier to transport than inkjet printers because they don’t have the tendency to leak. It may still be wise to remove the toner cartridges and put them in their own container. If the printer is jostled too much during transit, some of the toners may leak out. While it’s not as difficult to clean, you still want to avoid a mess of toner all over the place. You have enough headaches to deal with because of your move.

Commercial laser printers are an entirely different story. It’s best to contact the manufacturer for tips on moving these large devices. Hiring someone else to handle the whole process is probably a wise idea.

General Printer Moving Tips

Gather all of the extra cables and components and put them in a container or bag together. If the printer has lots of extra trays and plastic pieces, it makes sense to put them with the cables. Label the bag so it is very easy to find them when you get where you are going.

Avoid damaging trays and doors by taping them closed. Scotch tape might work, but many printers have textured plastics, and the Scotch tape won’t hold up at all. It’s best to use a masking tape, which will hold up very well. Taping the trays is essential to keep them from popping open and breaking during transit.

With these basic tips, it can be quite easy to transport your printer and unpack it. With all of the components together, you will be able to use your printer as quickly as you arrive at your new location.

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