Whenever you move from one place to another, there’s a chance you’ll stay elsewhere during the move.  Some people stay in hotels; some stay with friends or relatives; and others remain in their virtually empty current homes the night(s) before a move.  In order to be comfortable and ready for anything, you need your daily essentials and other important items easily accessible.  The question is what do you need to keep in an overnight bag and/or luggage until you’re settled in your new home?

Important Papers

Any personal documentation including birth and marriage certificates, real estate documentation, licenses, car titles, school transcripts, medical records, banking, and tax statements, and bills and receipts to present at closing should be kept with and not packed away on a moving truck or in storage.  You could need this information handy during closing proceedings or if unforeseen problems arise in other areas of your life.


Before even putting your house on the market, consider collecting your valuables like expensive jewelry and precious heirlooms and storing them with a trusted friend or relative or renting a safety deposit box.  This safeguards your beloved possessions from disappearing during walk-throughs or moving.  During the move, keep jewelry on your person, so it’s not lost or walk off with an unsavory someone.

Money and Credit/Debit Cards

Storing money and/or your credit or debit cards in a moving box – you may as well throw them out the window! Keep money and bank cards in your wallet/purse at all times.  First of all, you’ll know they’re safe by your side.  Second, if you need cash when dining out or purchasing supplies mid-move, they will be easily accessible.


How did we exist before cell phones and other portable devices? Make sure you pack your cellphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices along with their requisite chargers.  These items are easily stolen and serve no purpose packed in a box.  While you’re between homes, you’ll need to stay connected with family, real estate and moving professionals, workers, and other important folks.

Toiletries and Medications

Feel fresh by stocking up on your daily toiletries including toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, deodorant, shaving implements, perfume, and make-up.  Also, ensure you keep an adequate supply of vital prescriptions and medicine in your bag.  Take a box of baby wipes, too, for a quick refresher.

Cleaning Supplies and Paper Goods

You never know what you need till it’s gone.  When you move into your new place, you’ll want to clean it even if it appears tidy.  Bring a box of basic cleaning supplies with you.  Also, don’t forget that you already packed your dishes, glasses, and utensils away.  Purchase paper plates and cups, paper towels, and plastic utensils, so you’re not eating the food right off the floor! Stay hydrated by taking some bottled water with you.

Don’t Forget the Kids!

What about the kids?! Sure, you brought their diapers or glasses, but what about things they REALLY can’t live without? Remember to keep their favorite blanket or stuffed animal for sweet dreams insurance.  Bring their handheld games, books, and compact but entertaining toys.  If they’re staying with you throughout the moving process, unless they’re old enough to help, they’re bound to be bored.  Keep them busy and moving will be a breeze!

Did you ever forget or pack away something you absolutely needed during a move?