Flatrate Storage in NYC


FlatRate offers clean and secure private storage

Our storage business follows the same straightforward, client-centric approach as our moving business. And, unlike most moving companies, we own and operate our own facilities. That means we can guarantee:

  • Private indoor access
  • Extended access hours, seven days a week
  • Climate control
  • 24/7 security
  • Photo inventory
  • Designer storage rooms

Just choose your level of service:

We offer full-service, door-to-door storage—giving you as much or as little participation as you wish.

Flatrate Storage Rooms

We offer storage rooms in a variety of sizes:

Our relocation specialists can help you to create an inventory that, in turn, will help us determine which size of room to recommend.

Private room sizes:

The Community and Moving Companies

FlatRate and Community
During the moving process, people often discover household items that they no longer need in order to eliminate packing unnecessary items. FlatRate Moving has created an innovative program called Upcycle that helps our customers easily donate these items to the Salvation Army at the time of their move. We'll even provide you with a couple of boxes to fill to save you from using any of your already precious storage.

Possible donations
The kind of donations the Salvation Army needs most includes toys, books, clothes and small household goods. Rest assured all profits from your goods go straight to the Salvation Army and the homeless. You can find out more about this system from http://www.salvationarmy.ca/donations/

Greener moving
We're well aware here at FlatRate that many of our customers have a greener agenda - and we're happy to join in with that. We have already implemented several green policies to decrease the impact of our footprint on the environment. For instance, we're a member of Terra Pass. This program has assessed the FlatRate team and introduced a number of clean energy and efficiency projects that have already produced results of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Not only that, but since 2004 we have been introducing green technology into our fleet trucks. To date, 20% operate with diesel particulate filters that reduce hydrocarbons by 50% and particulate matter by 90+% over stated 2004 emission standards.

Community Outreach
Here at FlatRate we have been sponsoring the "I Challenge Myself" bike race for some time now. This encourages students to act as leaders and bring about positive change within their environment. This nonprofit recently restructured its Urban Bike Tours program with Cycling Smarts-a part of the Urban Youth Health Ambassadors program that assists in helping youth develop self-sufficiency, an active lifestyle, and post-secondary school success.

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