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Levels of Service

The FlatRate Moving® Formula

Move Plan

Understanding Coverage

The FlatRate Moving ® Formula

new - formula york home moving york new - flatrate. new - formula york home moving york new - flatrate. new - formula york home moving york new - flatrate.

We’ve moved over 200,000 New Yorkers and remain the most recommended moving company in the region.

This is because we make sure we understand the details of your move well in advance. Over the years we have perfected The FlatRate Moving ® Formula.


The elements of the formula include:

Volume– We take an inventory of your stuff; working with you over the phone or on-site to capture all the relevant details. At the end of the process, we give you a master list of the items you’ll be moving and a calculation of volume in cubic feet.

Service level– You choose a basic level of service: The Complete ® Move is our standard package and Elite is our premium offering.

Building conditions– What we need to know about the conditions of the move: stairs, doorways, hallways, distance, and special requirements for the movers.

Distance– We’ll consider tolls, gas, driver’s time, and the distance from origin to destination.

Special requirements–We account for items that require disassembly to enable their transport through doorways, hallways, and elevators. We also look at special handling of items that are oddly shaped or fragile and require multiple layers of protection.

Packing– Are we doing it for you or are you doing it yourself? We offer boxes and packing packages through our box store, or you can ask us to do it all.

Insurance– We walk you through the options. If you choose to take coverage, we’ll include it in your calculations.

À la carte service options–We add any special services you choose to make your move easier, smoother, or simpler