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Long Distance

Our expertise at planning moves and managing logistics allows us to easily support clients moving anywhere within the U.S.
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We offer three special services for long distance moves:

A weekly shuttle to popular destinations. If you are moving to LA, San Francisco, Miami or Chicago, you can reserve space on one of our weekly shuttles and save money.

Non-stop service in an exclusive truck. Most long-distance moves are done using shared trucks that make several stops en route. If you are in a rush, or just want non-stop service, we can provide it.

Long Distance EXPRESS DELIVERY. This new service offers faster shipment from New York to LA, along with guaranteed delivery dates. If we're ever delayed, we'll give $100 cash back for each day we're late.

Otherwise, our process for long distance moves is much like our process for local moves. It starts with an inventory and ends with you happily moved into your new home.

1. We create an inventory together.
We start by working with you to create a thorough inventory of the goods that need to be moved. No detail is too small.

2. We add any extra services.
We offer a range of optional services to make your move easy. Carpenters are on-staff for crating needs. Additionally, locksmiths, cleaning services, and IT experts can be called in to take care of details in your new or old home.

3. We issue a Move Plan with a FlatRate Moving ® price.
Once we understand the details, we’ll issue a comprehensive move plan, offering a detailed description of your move. This document locks in your all-inclusive price.

4. We pack or you do.
If you’d like, we can take care of all of the packing and unpacking for you. If you are packing yourself, we can recommend the proper type and amount of materials needed and deliver them in advance. The following items are already accounted for in our guaranteed price:

  • lamps
  • artwork
  • hanging clothes
  • TVs and electronics

5. You take care of building details.
Many buildings have specific requirements for insurance and the use of elevators and loading docks. The finalization of these details is up to you. Make sure you contact building management well in advance of the move and let us know anything that we need to know.

6. We start moving.
Our team arrives at the scheduled time on your moving day and gets to work. They:

  • protect corners and floors
  • wrap and protect all listed furniture
  • disassemble any items that need it
  • pack electronics and art
  • load the truck

7. We meet you at your destination.
When you’re ready for us, we’ll put your items where you tell us to in your new home. We leave when you are completely satisfied.

Call us for an estimate or request a quote online. Click here to view a sample contract for a long distance move.