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We know our cities like a native. For over 20 years, we've coped with everything a big city can dish out. And learned from each move.

So whether you're moving to a new neighborhood or staying in the same building, call us for a comprehensive Move Plan and an all-inclusive price.

  • We pay attention to details
  • We never change price or 'bait and switch'
  • We're honest and courteous
  • We're here to help you
We the Local Movers

Here's how we do it:

  1. We sit down with you to create an inventory
    A good move starts with good planning. So we start by creating a complete inventory of everything that needs to be moved. Prefer a home visit? No problem, we're happy to come to you.
  2. We create a custom Move Plan and give a FlatRate fixed price
    Once we've got the details down pat, we'll issue a comprehensive move plan describing the who, what, when, and where—and locking in your all-inclusive price.
  3. If you need something extra, we can handle it
    Have some special requirements? No problem for us. Our optional services range from on-staff carpenters who make crates to IT experts who transfer computer systems. Need cleaning services? We've got those too.
  4. We pack for you
    Want to pack yourself? We can recommend materials and deliver them to your doorstep. Otherwise, we pack—and unpack —with unparalleled efficiency and we offer a guaranteed price that includes packing service for:
    • lamps
    • artwork
    • hanging clothes
    • TVs and electronics
  5. We're careful and courteous with building management
    Because so many buildings regulate the use of their elevators and loading docks or have specific insurance requirements, we make sure to contact building management well in advance. (Chances are, we've been there before.)
  6. We don't miss any details
    On moving day, we arrive with two extra boxes in case there's something you forgot to pack. We also come with two UPCYCLE boxes so your unwanted goods can go to the Salvation Army. Then we deliver them for you. Free of charge.
  7. We get to work—right away
    Our team shows up at the scheduled time and gets right down to work. If they are more than half an hour late, we give you a $50 refund. Then we start to:
    • protect corners and floors
    • disassemble items that must be moved in pieces
    • protect all listed furniture
    • pack electronics and art
    • load the truck
  8. We meet you at your destination
    We'll put your items in your new home exactly where you want them. And we won't leave until you're completely satisfied.

Call us for an estimate or request a quote online.
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Flatrate Moving Company

The Community and Moving Companies

FlatRate and Community
During the moving process, people often discover household items that they no longer need in order to eliminate packing unnecessary items. FlatRate Moving has created an innovative program called Upcycle that helps our customers easily donate these items to the Salvation Army at the time of their move. We'll even provide you with a couple of boxes to fill to save you from using any of your already precious storage.

Possible donations
The kind of donations the Salvation Army needs most includes toys, books, clothes and small household goods. Rest assured all profits from your goods go straight to the Salvation Army and the homeless. You can find out more about this system from http://www.salvationarmy.ca/donations/

Greener moving
We're well aware here at FlatRate that many of our customers have a greener agenda - and we're happy to join in with that. We have already implemented several green policies to decrease the impact of our footprint on the environment. For instance, we're a member of Terra Pass. This program has assessed the FlatRate team and introduced a number of clean energy and efficiency projects that have already produced results of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Not only that, but since 2004 we have been introducing green technology into our fleet trucks. To date, 20% operate with diesel particulate filters that reduce hydrocarbons by 50% and particulate matter by 90+% over stated 2004 emission standards.

Community Outreach
Here at FlatRate we have been sponsoring the "I Challenge Myself" bike race for some time now. This encourages students to act as leaders and bring about positive change within their environment. This nonprofit recently restructured its Urban Bike Tours program with Cycling Smarts-a part of the Urban Youth Health Ambassadors program that assists in helping youth develop self-sufficiency, an active lifestyle, and post-secondary school success.

call us for a comprehensive Move Plan and an all-inclusive price.