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Local Movers: NYC & Beyond

Every city we operate in has its own personality. Excellent local movers like us know the ins and outs of those personalities. From building regulations to local laws to knowing how to deal with supers and building management, FlatRate has its hand on the pulse of every city we work in.

Local moves are subject to all sorts of details from traffic patterns to building supers to elevator access. You'll want one of the best local moving company to handle it all. With 20 years of moving experience we have been through every situation that could arise. We know how to move you from Point A to Point B with all your belongings safe and sound.

We are FlatRate. That means that you get one all-inclusive price, once we do your inventory and give you a Move Plan. That price is set. You won't find many local moving companies that stick to that. We know how to make local moves smooth and hassle free.

  • We are detail-focused
  • We never bait-and-switch
  • We are courteous and professional

FlatRate coordinates the moving process from every conceivable angle. You don't need to worry, once you have your Move Plan in place. Your local move will go off without a hitch.

Our Local Moving Services Start With Inventory

We work with you to create a detailed inventory of everything that will be moved. Either over the phone or in your home. Whichever way you prefer. Local movers from FlatRate always start with proper planning.

All Local Moves Get One Fixed Price

After the inventory, we give you a Move Plan and a FlatRate-approved fixed price. The complete move plan has everything; all the details are in one place. And that locks in your price.

Special Requests for Your Local Move?

FlatRate can handle anything you need, from custom crates to cleaning services to specialized IT breakdowns and installations. Our local moving services are second to none.

Local Furniture Movers…Plus Packing Power!

If you want to pack up everything, we have all the expertise and materials you need. Don't want to bother with all that tedium? We pack and unpack for you, quickly and efficiently. That is one service that local movers don't traditionally have on their list.

Professional Courtesy

With our experience as local movers, we know all about your building's elevator hours, move-in days and other special regulations. We get in touch with your building management well in advance of the move to clarify all those details. We have a way with red tape.

Local Moving? We Got This

When we show up on moving day, we are fully prepared. Two extra boxes, in case you forgot to pack that set of fine china from Grandma. And two boxes for UPCYCLE, so we can take any unwanted items and put them to good use.

Moving Work Starts Right Away

FlatRate teams are on-time and ready to work, always. If we are more than half-an-hour late, we cough up a $50 refund. Our teams start right away, protecting corners and floors, preparing listed furniture, packing up electronics and getting the truck loaded.

We'll See You There

Our truck will meet you at your new home. The team will unload everything and we won't leave until you are satisfied that everything is where it is supposed to be.

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