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We know our cities like a native. For over 20 years, we've coped with everything a big city can dish out. And learned from each move.

So whether you're moving to a new neighborhood or staying in the same building, call us for a comprehensive Move Plan and an all-inclusive price.

  • We pay attention to details
  • We never change price or 'bait and switch'
  • We're honest and courteous
  • We're here to help you
We the Local Movers

Here's how we do it:

  1. We sit down with you to create an inventory
    A good move starts with good planning. So we start by creating a complete inventory of everything that needs to be moved. Prefer a home visit? No problem, we're happy to come to you.
  2. We create a custom Move Plan and give a FlatRate fixed price
    Once we've got the details down pat, we'll issue a comprehensive move plan describing the who, what, when, and where—and locking in your all-inclusive price.
  3. If you need something extra, we can handle it
    Have some special requirements? No problem for us. Our optional services range from on-staff carpenters who make crates to IT experts who transfer computer systems. Need cleaning services? We've got those too.
  4. We pack for you
    Want to pack yourself? We can recommend materials and deliver them to your doorstep. Otherwise, we pack—and unpack —with unparalleled efficiency and we offer a guaranteed price that includes packing service for:
    • lamps
    • artwork
    • hanging clothes
    • TVs and electronics
  5. We're careful and courteous with building management
    Because so many buildings regulate the use of their elevators and loading docks or have specific insurance requirements, we make sure to contact building management well in advance. (Chances are, we've been there before.)
  6. We don't miss any details
    On moving day, we arrive with two extra boxes in case there's something you forgot to pack. We also come with two UPCYCLE boxes so your unwanted goods can go to the Salvation Army. Then we deliver them for you. Free of charge.
  7. We get to work—right away
    Our team shows up at the scheduled time and gets right down to work. If they are more than half an hour late, we give you a $50 refund. Then we start to:
    • protect corners and floors
    • disassemble items that must be moved in pieces
    • protect all listed furniture
    • pack electronics and art
    • load the truck
  8. We meet you at your destination
    We'll put your items in your new home exactly where you want them. And we won't leave until you're completely satisfied.

Call us for an estimate or request a quote online.
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New Jersey Moving Advice

How to make your home relocation go smoother

Here at FlatRate.com we have been in the home movers business in Newark for more than two decades now. That's a long time and means we have moved thousands of families and individuals over the years – and many for the second or third time. So, it's not surprising then we've seen clients in various emotional states – from anxious to elated. As you'd expect we treat all clients as individuals and so adapt our demeanour accordingly. However, our service is always second to none and comes highly praised in Newark (just check out some of our recent reviews on Yelp). We always try and make moving home as smooth as possible. It's not difficult to be honest and can be even easier if you adhere to some of the following tips:

Inventory is king
Always, always create an inventory. We can't stress this enough. That way you know what you're moving and why. If you can't face compiling this yourself then here at FlatRate.com we'll happily do it for you.

Get insurance
Not that we predict anything is going to go wrong, but it's always best to be safe rather than sorry. We can advise you on the different types of insurance available and the type of cover you will need.

Notify the post office
We can't tell you how often people forget to tell the US postal service that they've moved home in Newark. It's possible to set up a temporary mailing address for several months if you're not moving directly to your new home, or to cover the first few initial weeks (this will cost however).

Keep your receipts
That means the ones from us here at FlatRate.com and any others you encounter on your moving day. Why? Because if you're a freelance worker or relocating because of work then it may be possible to claim a tax deduction on them. Every little helps…

Move on a weekday
If possible it's better to move home in Newark mid-week. Not only are removal firms less expensive then, but the roads will be quieter and you're family won't be missing out on any weekend fun.