Packing for a big move isn’t just stressful, but it can get expensive! Purchasing supplies alone can run into hundreds of dollars (not to mention, it’s easy to lose track of all the things you need until it’s too late). So before the packing panic sets in, we’ve created a list of 15 moving hacks using items you probably already have around the house to help you in a pinch, simplify your move, or even help you save a few bucks.

1. Pack small kitchen items (like spice jars, measuring spoons, and other kitchen gadgets) in pots to save space and protect otherwise fragile items.

Bonus: for a little extra cushion, throw in a dish towel or two!

2. Let trash bags make packing your closet a breeze.

Cut a small hole at the bottom of a large (~30 gal) trash bag. Gather your clothes (hanger and all) and tie the hooks together. Next, slide the bag over the top, guiding the hanger hooks through the hole you just cut. Finally, secure the open end at the bottom with either a rubber band or drawstring (if your bag has one).

3. Keep track of what you pack.

When packing for (or unpacking from) a big move, an organization is half the battle. Before you seal each box, snap a quick picture with your phone! It’ll help jog your memory when it comes time to unpack.

4. Use plastic wrap to seal your toiletries to avoid any spills.

Remove the cap, place a square of plastic wrap over the opening and replace the top. Trust us, no matter how tight you think your lotions and potions are sealed, this will save you both headache and heartache in the long run.

5. Before you unplug all your electronics, take a picture of all the cords.

This way you can easily remember which cord goes where.

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6. Place your heaviest items (like books!) in rolling suitcases.

This will help you reduce heavy lifting and conserve space.

7. Use styrofoam plates between your dishes.

Alternate ceramic plates with foam ones to prevent breakage.

8. Save empty toilet paper rolls to organize your cords.

Simply wrap each cord up and place it inside the roll before packing. You can even label each roll so you remember where each cord belongs). No more tangled wires!

shutterstock 1463917469 15 Genius Moving Hacks (Using Things You Probably Already Have)

9. Repurpose towels, scarves, and blankets into makeshift cushioning.

This will help in a pinch to protect breakable items like candles and vases.

10. Organize your bedding sets.

Stack folded sheets and place them into their corresponding pillowcase for easy unpacking.

11. Try to keep the items for each room together.

Separate each box by room when packing. This will make it easier to unpack in the long run.

12. Label the sides of your boxes (not the top!).

This way when all your boxes are stacked together, you’ll still be able to read the labels.

13. Vacuum pack puffy items.

Pillows and down comforters can take up a lot of space, save it by investing in vacuum storage bags (you can get a set on Amazon here). Or, if you want a DIY hack, use a garbage bag. Place your items in the bag, put the end of your vacuum cleaner at the end of the bag and gather the excess plastic with your hands to create a tight seal around the hose. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and suction out as much air as possible from the bag. Once you think all the air has been removed from the bag, remove the hose and seal it with a rubber band. For a more detailed tutorial on this hack, click here.

14. Organize small odds and ends (like cords, chargers, and hardware) in labeled ziplock bags.

15. Put together a box or bag (or two!) of all the items you’ll need once you’ve arrived in your new digs.

That means box cutters, scissors, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and toiletries, any important medications, and even a change of clothes. You don’t want to be searching through all your boxes for a pair of scissors or your toothbrush!

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