Selecting the right moving company to help you during your move is very important! However, companies offer exclusive services and not all moving services are created equal. It is important to understand the service level you are receiving as well as the services you are receiving. That’s where FlatRate Moving comes in. We provide a high level of customer care and offer a wide variety of services exclusively tailored to your needs. FlatRate Moving NYC is the best fit for your move for seven reasons.

Experienced Professionals:

Hiring experienced movers to assist you is a necessity when trying to make your move run smoothly. Here are some reasons why professionally trained movers are worth it:

  • Reliable: Professional workers are experienced and knowledgeable with all moving techniques they use during your move, making them reliable and trustworthy.
  • Great Service: By selecting trained professionals to assist you during your move, you will be receiving the highest level of service. This will be reflected in how they interact with you, the customer, as well as the procedures they use to move your items.
  • Alternatives: Choosing inexperienced movers may save you money, but it risks losing or damaging your items during the complex moving process. 

Guaranteed Price:

FlatRate Moving has developed a formula to analyze your move. Here is how we create this price:

  • Factors Considered: We create our guaranteed price based on the inventory you need moved, the traveling distance between homes, and the level of complexity of the move.
  • Up Front Cost: We give our guaranteed price upfront, and it will not change unless there are changes to your inventory or location. This keeps you from receiving hidden fees or other unknown costs during your move.

All Inclusive Price:

Our all-inclusive package caters to your unique needs for the move. Some of the services that are  include in every move:

  • Travel Expenses: The price will cover all fuel expenses for moving vehicles and any tolls needed.
  • Labor: Our professional team of movers will work until the job is thoroughly finished with an all-inclusive price.
  • Materials: We will cover all boxes and packing materials used for your move under the guaranteed price, and they will be of the highest quality. We take pride in providing top of the line boxes to keep your items secure.

FlatRate Moving is able to fully equip your move for a smooth process by accounting for all areas of it.

IMG 2826 1 5 Reasons Why FlatRate Moving NYC is Your Best Choice

Climate Controlled Storage:

People often overlook storage as a support option during their moving process. Here are some reasons why storage may help you during your move:

  • Downsizing: If you are downsizing it may be a complicated process to decide what to keep and get rid of. With a storage unit you are able to hold these items until you decide what to do with them.
  • Storage unit: FlatRate Moving can also help by providing a climate controlled storage unit. The climate-controlled unit will alleviate any stress of knowing that your antique items will continue to stay in good shape.
  • Short Term Storage: If you only need to hold on to the stuff in the unit until you find a buyer, no worries! FlatRate is proud to offer short term lease options so that you can have the unit for just how long you need it for. 

Customer Satisfaction:

We value the safety of all of your belongings during every move, but we value our customers more. Here are some ways we help ease the moving process for our customers!

  • Upfront Moving Plan: Our moving team works to create a moving plan unique to your move. We have designed this process to limit the stress you may feel during the move, while also ensuring that we inform you well about the logistics of your move.
  • Transparency: By outlining the cost associated with your move, as well as what services we will provide for you, we help reduce confusion and promote transparency.
  • Reviews: Our team of professionals at FlatRate Moving strives to ensure that every move is a successful experience. Our reviews serve as a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Support: We understand that moving is a stressful process and that questions may arise at any time. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer support to provide our customers with the assistance they need, whenever they need it.

Satisfied customers have left numerous positive reviews recommending FlatRate Moving as a highly competent moving company. We have leveraged our expertise in the moving industry to create an effective, reliable, and stress-free moving process. Our experienced professionals reflect our commitment to providing the best moving experience possible.


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