If you’ve never moved before, you’re either in for pleasant surprises, rude awakenings, or an unexpected combination of both.  Just because you’re a moving newbie does not mean you have to make mistakes, so check out our list of mistakes NOT to make while moving.

  1. Not tipping movers
  2. Using old, damaged, ripped up, dirty moving boxes
  3. Packing your important papers, expensive jewelry, and money in moving boxes to go into the moving truck
  4. Allowing surfaces to endure damage when moving furniture out of the house
  5. Failing to declutter before moving
  6. Leaving a mess in the home and major things broken and in disrepair after moving out
  7. Avoiding reviewing your moving agreement
  8. Posting personal details on social media about your move
  9. Not checking how much moving insurance you need, what it covers, or updating new policies
  10. Moving before researching your new area, finding a doctor, and what stores, schools, and community services are available or visiting the new neighborhood with the family
  11. Letting kids and pets run around amok instead of hiring a sitter or pet minder
  12. Forgetting to pack an overnight bag for when you move
  13. Never create a moving checklist or list your belongings and photograph them before they’re packed
  14. Failing to confirm moving arrangements with movers
  15. Standing up the movers on moving day
  16. Not knowing how you’ll pay for the move or having money to tip or pay the movers
  17. Forgetting extra packing supplies
  18. Leaving no proper space for movers to park or move out your belongings
  19. Stressing out before, during, and after moving instead of relaxing and giving yourself frequent breaks
  20. Working full-time on and around moving day
  21. Keeping the same locks for your new house
  22. Arranging where to stay overnight between moves at the last minute
  23. Resisting moving help from family and friends
  24. Forgetting to bring cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper when you move
  25. Not forwarding your mail and/or changing your address
  26. Labeling boxes improperly or not at all and using incorrect boxes and not securing them
  27. Failing to report damage, theft, or loss to the moving company
  28. Running out of prescriptions before moving
  29. Not changing and updating utility suppliers before moving
  30. Hiring the first moving company instead of interviewing and getting several different estimates
  31. Scheduling moves on the weekend or a holiday
  32. Bashing your old neighbors
  33. Not preparing your car before long-distance moving
  34. Losing touch with old friends
  35. Ignoring your budget and not sticking to it
  36. Risking common moving injuries, lifting moving boxes improperly, and moving difficult pieces when professional movers should handle them
  37. Giving the moving company the wrong address
  38. Using unlicensed movers
  39. Packing at the last minute, packing off-season items last and out of order
  40. Avoiding measuring windows, doors, and living spaces before you move in
  41. Wrapping valuables and sharp objects improperly
  42. Forgoing a home inspection which can be used as a reference
  43. Not getting everything in writing
  44. Failing to provide refreshments to movers
  45. Expecting you’ll adjust to your new home right away
  46. Packing up things you shouldn’t like dangerous chemicals and illegal items for movers to transport
  47. Hiding age-appropriate information about the move from children
  48. Forgetting a first aid kit
  49. Having no idea where the circuit breaker, water shut-off valves, furnace, water heater, air conditioner, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers are
  50. Not keeping police and fire departments’ contact information handy
  51. Not taking advantage of extra moving services like packing, installation, Elite, etc., when you need it
  52. Being afraid to tell movers what you want and where you want moving boxes and furniture
  53. Failing to declare your move for tax deductions
  54. Refusing or failing to buy the proper tools you need to maintain your home
  55. Failing to make travel arrangements in advance
  56. Keeping unnecessary household items and furniture instead of selling and donating them