If you have your sights set on moving to the City of Angels, you probably intuitively know that you need to do some serious research first. It’s a big city full of lights, entertainment, culture, sunny warm days, traffic, and a competitive job market. Did we mention it’s the second-largest city in the country, only topped by New York? If 70-degree weather on New Year’s Day appeals to you, you’re likely California Dreamin.

Los Angeles can be La La Land or Lost Angeles- depends on how well you prepare before you decide to move to a new home. Here are our ten tips for moving to LA.

The city is really big.

Some people who live in Silverlake don’t date people who live in Westside or Southbay because, even though it’s technically in the same city, it feels really far away. The city’s neighborhoods feel like small cities of their own sometimes. If you live on one side of LA and your new crush lives on the other, that might not feel so fun. But if it’s a diversity of experiences you seek, these different spaces can feel exciting and stimulating. You don’t even have to leave your city for an entirely different experience!

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Start saving money now.

The cost of living in Los Angeles is, well, not so starry-eyed. Housing costs are a whopping 127% above the national average and the overall cost of living is 48% higher. Moving into a new place will inevitably require a few purchases, not to mention the cost of moving itself. On top of that, unless you have a job lined up already, it could take a little while to find employment. So give yourself a solid financial cushion to land on and avoid the effects of financial stress on your relocation experience.

There’s always, always something to do.

If you are moving to Los Angeles from a different big city like New York, this part might not feel so shocking. But if you’re coming from a smaller town where things actually close down, it might be quite the adjustment! With so much constantly happening, LA is in perpetual motion. This can be both exciting and kind of lonely. So unless you’re moving with your family or partner, prepare yourself to go on some solo adventures until you meet some new friends. Go hiking in the hills, check out the beaches, and do a little internet research. No matter what your hobbies are, you can find ample opportunity to meet others who enjoy the same things.

But check your expectations.

Your new life in sunny LA may live up to your dreamiest expectations, and it may not. But it’s important to know what you’re expecting from your moving experience. Create a moving plan that will set you up for success, including arranging for a reliable storage unit ahead of time if you’re not sure where you will land. The more details you have organized ahead of time, the less you have to fly by the seat of your pants.

How to network to help with the job search.

If you don’t have one lined up already finding a good job in the City of Angels might take a little while. There are a lot of people, after all, who dream of relocating to Los Angeles! So remember this: you never know who your neighbor, the person at the grocery store, or that lady in your book club might be connected to. Strike up conversations and have a clear explanation of what kind of job or opportunity you’re looking for. The more clearly you know what you want, the better people can help you find it.

Don’t give up.

Making a life for yourself in LA requires persistence! It’s easy to get discouraged when you haven’t found your rhythm after a month or two, but really finding your place takes time. Have patience and, if you find yourself wondering if LA is really for you, go visit some of the areas of the city that attracted you in the first place. This will help you remember why you made the move in the first place!