Packing and moving aren’t exactly synonymous with “fun”. Given the choice, most of us certainly wouldn’t choose to pack and move to pass the time. We’ll be realistic – we’re not going to start a new entertainment trend here. We’re confident, though, that these tips will help make the process a bit more enjoyable.

Let’s look at 7 ways to make packing and moving more fun.

1. Choose Your Soundtrack

When it’s time to pack and unpack, playing some music can energize or soothe you as you need. Picking the right playlist will not only help you keep your energy in tune, but you can belt out the lyrics like a midday karaoke in the comfort of your own old – or new – home.

A packing playlist should be upbeat and dancey to keep your energy high and your body moving. There are a lot of things to shuffle around in your home, so a playlist that encourages you to move your body is crucial.

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At unpacking time, you may need a different mood in your music. Try something a bit more relaxing without putting you to sleep. Remember, you want to stay focused while giving your mind and body a chance to relax a bit in your new space.

2. Invite Some Friends

Everything’s better in good company, isn’t it? Of course, this suggestion may seem far-fetched at first glance. After all, we did acknowledge that moving and packing are not favorite activities for most people. But hear us out…

Maybe you can try luring them in with your new playlist?

Okay, that’s probably not going to cut it. But if they’re not lured in by the idea of spending the day with you and listening to your tunes, perhaps a pizza (or wine?) party could do the trick. If you’re moving out of the neighborhood or state, joining forces in packing can be tempting twofold. It can be a great chance for a last hurrah, and you’ll get through the practicalities faster so you can enjoy time with loved ones a bit longer. Maybe even skip the pizza and wine until after you’re finished, for a bit of extra motivation.

3. Add in Some Aerobics

Moving doesn’t have to be grunt work and stuffing – and unstuffing – boxes. You can do a bit of double-duty by turning it into exercise as well. Bend at the knees not at the waist and get those lifts in. Have your Fitbit or phone handy and count your steps as you go. Add in some aerobic songs along the way and take a break now and again to do a bit of a dance around. Whatever it takes, let yourself have some fun and get your heart pumping as you go.

4. Line up Some Rewards

Take the packing and unpacking step by step, but don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done! Setting up a reward system for stages along the way can really keep the momentum going.

%name 7 Ways to Make Packing and Moving More Fun

Try giving yourself a little reward for crossing mini finish lines, like packing or unpacking 10 boxes, or finishing a room. Now, a reward doesn’t mean taking the rest of the day off, of course! We mean more of a “now I can have a 5-minute break and eat a delicious cookie” sort of reward. You want to give yourself little gifts along the way without derailing your efforts.

5. Indulge a Little Nostalgia

You’re saying goodbye to a home and you’ve likely made some memories there. It can be fun to take a trip down memory lane by reminiscing about things that have happened along the way. This is a great way to connect with friends, your partner, your kids, or anyone else who may be helping you. (Although, maybe save the stories if you have professionals doing your packing or moving!)

Don’t linger too long in any room or memory. You want to acknowledge the good times and give a “thank you” and “goodbye” to your home sweetly, not dredge up feelings of longing on your way out.

6. Try a Decluttering Game

Decluttering in itself can be a daunting task as you sift through your things and decide what to keep, donate, sell, and trash. Decluttering is an important step – after all, you don’t want to haul stuff you don’t want, need, or use!

This is a particularly good one for kids when it’s time to pack their toys, clothes, and other belongings. Make a game out of downsizing by setting an agreement: for every item (or two) you pack, you donate one to a worthy cause. This helps them get involved in the process and helps them see how great it is to help others.

Many of us adults end up with more than we need or even realize we have. This decluttering game will help sort, prioritize, and downsize.

7. Outsource!

This one might be an obvious answer. If you want to make packing, moving, and unpacking more fun then… Don’t do it! Hiring experts is the best way to move through this process without the stress, so you can focus on the more fun parts of relocation.

%name 7 Ways to Make Packing and Moving More Fun

Full-service moving companies will do more than pick up your things and shift them to your new place. They’ll show up with all of the packing supplies and pack everything in your house. They’ll disassemble your furniture too, ensuring it’s easily and safely transportable. When they arrive at your new home, they’ll not only unload the truck but they’ll take care of the rest too. They’ll reassemble your furniture, unpack your boxes, and – get this – they’ll take all of the moving supplies away with them.

By the time they’re finished you’ll feel home-sweet-home. That deserves its own playlist, don’t you think?


When it’s time to hire a mover, FlatRate is here for you. With moving, packing, and unpacking services, we can take care of all of the less-fun parts of your move. Spend more time enjoying that playlist!

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