If you’re planning a move to a new place, you’re overcome by the task of packing up all of the stuff you have. Collecting boxes, wrapping materials, calling in favors to friends and family so you can get settled… it’s easy to get attached to all that you have and need to do now.

Many people end up arriving in their new home realizing there’s a lot they forgot, particularly things to make themselves feel fresher and at home in their new home. We’ll help you get a head start with a few things you may want to add to your shopping list.

1. Fresh and cozy linens

%name 8 Things to Buy Before Moving into a New Home

How often do you treat yourself to new sheets? Moving to a new place is a great moment to refresh your linens. Splurge on some cozy, comfy new bedsheets and there’s no need to stop there. How about some new soft towels to replace your old ones? As some of the most frequently used items in the house, you’ll get your money’s worth with new linens when you move. And hey – maybe even throw in some new pillows.

2. Curtains and blinds

Depending on where you’re moving, you may want (or need) some window coverings in your new home. Window treatments can really make your room feel more “you”, letting you bring some color and personality. To top it off: they’re functional, too.

Curtains help keep your room warm in the winter months by blocking the cold radiating from the window. In the summer you can have a lazy weekend morning by drawing the curtains and keeping the light out. Dress up your windows when you move into your new home.

3. Plants

%name 8 Things to Buy Before Moving into a New Home

A great way to bring life and freshness to your home is with indoor plants. Check out the movement of the sun in different parts of your house first to be sure you get plants that will get the light they need. Choose some nice pots and collect a few plants to bring nature indoors. Plants can add a bit of vibrance to your space and hey – if your landlord won’t let you have a pet, these friends are the next best thing!

4. Wall decor

Make yourself at home by adding a bit of personality and style to your decor. If you’re renting you’ll of course need to check with your landlord, but wall decor is a nice and easy way to bring a unique touch to your place.

If you can’t hang things on the wall, try getting art for frames and a shelving unit. There are plenty of ways to add decorative art to your space and it doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Express yourself through your surroundings and you’ll feel more at home.

5. Candles and nice-smelling things

%name 8 Things to Buy Before Moving into a New Home

Small touches go a long way. Once you’ve decorated your home and brought some plant life in, pick up some candles to make it cozy. If you like nice scents, try an oil burner and some essential oils.

Different scents can have different effects on your mood and energy levels. Try an energizing scent as part of your morning routine in the spaces where you spend the most time getting ready for your day. A relaxing, calming fragrance next to the bed can help you sleep more deeply.

6. Cleaning supplies

Now, a few practical items.

One thing people often forget before arriving at their new home is cleaning supplies. Hopefully, you arrive in a clean and fresh space, but it’s still nice to welcome yourself home by freshening it up yourself.

Make sure you have a new broom, sponges, dish towels, cleaning rags, and all of the soaps and products you will need. Add laundry detergent to the list so you can wash those new linens and towels you got.

7. A robot vacuum

Okay, perhaps this one isn’t necessary, but once you realize the joy of a self-vacuuming home you may beg to differ.

A robot vacuum cleaner will help you start on the right foot, maintaining the tidiness of your new space with minimal effort on your part. You can schedule it to run while you’re at work and arrive at a freshly-cleaned home. The latest models even allow you to start the unit from your mobile phone.

8. Welcome mat

The finishing touch to a new home-sweet-home, grab a mat to welcome you home each time you arrive. Grab a nice – or funny, or plain – welcome mat to place at your door.

9. Invitations to a housewarming party

With a clean house, fresh decor, and a welcome mat rolled out, what’s next? A housewarming party, of course. The idea of grabbing invitations is symbolic more than anything – most people aren’t mailing invitations out these days, we know. But consider this a reminder to celebrate your new space with loved ones and start building some new memories within your new walls.