At FlatRate Moving we are asked every day if we have any recommendations to sell lightly used furniture items. Moving to NYC can be a yearly task for some and no two floor plans are alike. Maybe you’re deciding to downsize a bit and that reclining loveseat or armchair simply won’t fit in your living room. Maybe a new addition to the family means that the second bedroom intended as a home office is now in the process of becoming a nursery. Whatever the situation, here are some options to sell your items in NYC without having to deal with Craigslist.

3 Great Options to Sell Your Furniture (Plus a bonus!)

  1. AptDeco – You’ve undoubtedly seen their ads on the subway. What began as a solely NYC company is now expanding into other major cities. This company is the number one place at the moment to sell lightly used furniture in NYC. Fair warning: you may end up selling something and buying something else as AptDeco acts as a marketplace to buy and sell furniture online with tons of options. The draw of AptDeco is after listing your furniture they handle the rest from selling to pickup and delivery. Take a more detailed look at how it looks on their “How it Works” page.
  2. Kaiyo – Another company New Yorkers love to sell lightly used furniture, Kaiyo is simple to use and has a solid user base. Simply submit your furniture with pictures and wait one business day for it to be reviewed, schedule a time for the furniture to be picked up free of charge, and finally wait until your furniture is sold. Kaiyo handles the heavy lifting and takes a percentage of whatever the item is sold for.
  3. Facebook Marketplace – Facebook has been building up a number of new additions to the already robust social media giant. One of these is Facebook Marketplace. Although they don’t have options to pick up and deliver your furniture like the above two, it’s simple to create a post and communicate with potential buyers, and both the website and app make it easy to target your neighborhood through specific groups or the city as a whole.
  4. Bonus: Apps like LetGo on the App Store and Google Play Store have been gaining popularity to sell all kinds of used goods and there are tons of users in NYC. Both are definitely worth the download. The simplicity of each user interface is what makes them terrific tools.

FlatRate’s Upcycle Program

At FlatRate Moving we offer an Upcycle Program as part of our services. Decluttering is a key priority before the big moving day. You can learn more about it by contacting FlatRate today and requesting a quote where one of our expert consultants can run you through the process, but essentially, during your move, FlatRate will provide you with two free UPCYCLE boxes to be filled with any toys, clothes, books, etc. to be brought directly to the Salvation Army warehouse in the Bronx. Keep an itemized list of what you’re donating when tax refund season comes around! NYC also offers an option to donate goods that you can learn more about here!

Just Throw it Away: Disposal Services and More

Embrace realism. It is time to let go of your couch. This item has lasted through three apartments and served time in both storage and your first college apartment. Now it is best to let it go. This doesn’t mean simply leaving it on the curb and leaving the rest up to the Department of Sanitation. If you plan on throwing your things out on your own, know the rules. New York City and even buildings have laws about when and where you can throw your items away. The best option here is to check the laws on how to dispose of certain items or make a collection request for large items with the Department of Sanitation.

If you’d simply like more information on what days of the week you’re allowed to leave large items on the curb search your address here. Usually, you can leave your things on the curb the day before pickup after 4 pm. Note: Some buildings require a Certificate of Insurance just to move items out to the curb. This is why FlatRate Moving offers disposal as one of our services. We follow all local laws and building requirements to remove your unwanted items.

Give us a call or request a quote on our website and ask one of our consultants about adding disposal services to your move today!