It’s time to move! Whether you’re moving for work, expanding to a bigger home, or just getting a fresh start, it’s an exciting time. To make things easier, there are a few things you likely already know you’re going to get help with. A team of cleaners will help get the house spic and span, your broker or real estate agent will help make sure all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, and the professional movers will carry all the heavy stuff. But did you know your movers may offer add-on services to make moving day that much easier?

As you’re preparing for moving day, ask your moving company about additional services that they might offer. Why not let them take care of some additional details while they’re at it? Here are some of the things you might choose.

Disassemble and reassemble furniture

Bed frames, entertainment centers, and dining tables can be disassembled for your move then your movers could take the lead. They come prepared with the tools and equipment to get everything quickly dismantled. They will also pack up the screws, bolts, and other loose pieces to be sure they don’t get lost along the way. Instead of trying to wrangle that king-sized bed on your own, why not let a team of professionals handle it?

Once your team moves everything into your new home, they’ll carefully put your furniture in its right place. Beds will be brought to bedrooms, the dining table assembled in its proper location, and you can rest easy as the movers put every last screw and bolt in place. Think about how much time this will save!

Create custom crates for unique or oddly-shaped items

There are just some things that are more than a cardboard box can handle. Whether it’s an antique phonograph or an art project one of your kids made, moving add-on services could include building a custom crate for your special items. The custom packing might be made from cardboard or it could be constructed from wood. Long-distance moves require more protection for your fragile items, so your packing team might build something more sturdy. 

%name Add on services to make moving day that much easier

Piano moving

Parlour Grand or Classic Upright? Pianos require an immense amount of care to transport properly. Many moving companies aren’t prepared with the proper equipment and training to move such a heavy, fragile instrument — especially smaller companies. (Check out our blog, How many people does it take to move a piano?) So make sure your moving company is fully equipped and skilled to handle your prized musical instruments. This includes temperature-controlled trucks if you’re moving during extreme weather!

Install electronics and technology

Unplugging things isn’t the hard part, right? It’s putting all of those wires back where they belong that starts to get complicated. Ask your movers if they offer IT assistance! A skilled IT Team will not only carefully get your flat-screen television plugged in, but they will make sure it is ready to go. Because we know getting back online is a priority, ask about having your Wi-fi set up, too. Routers, range extenders, let someone else deal with the headache of getting everything to communicate!

Lastly, no home entertainment center is complete without a solid sound system. Whether you want to wire your speakers around the room or connect your wireless speakers throughout the house, the tech team can tackle it. You can focus on getting the essentials settled.

Packing Art and Antiques

Your art collection has been carefully curated. Your antiques are intentionally collected. So on moving day, request that your moving company take extra special care to move them safely! Moving fragile antiques or artwork requires more than just basic cardboard and moving blankets. Some items, especially larger pieces, may require custom packaging to be built. So when booking your movers, be sure to ask if they are prepared to create the proper packaging and protection that will withstand the journey! Booking this add-on service can eliminate the need to hire assistance from a gallery or art dealer, simplifying your moving day greatly. 

%name Add on services to make moving day that much easier

Private, elite moving services

If you live in a luxury building, it’s important that your movers are discreet and extra careful with your high-end belongings. Choosing an Elite moving service guarantees that your team of movers is highly trained. They can pack your designer furniture and high-end electronics, among other things, properly. And they’ll do it as quietly as possible! This add-on moving service also can include a photo inventory of all of the items shipped, high-value insurance coverage, climate-controlled trucks, and luxury building logistical management. 

FlatRate Moving offers all of these add-on services to make moving day that much easier. Let us take care of the details from start to finish for a stress-free move!