If you’re planning on moving to New York City in the near future, you are likely filled with excitement. The pizza, Central Park, art galleries, museums, and the shows of Broadway will send your imagination soaring. But long before you’ve booked your NYC moving company and start getting excited about everything The Big Apple has to offer, there are many logistics to take into consideration. One that may not jump out at you from the start is the time of year you’ll be planning your move.

When determining the very best time to move to NYC, below are just a few factors to think about and plan for. (Once you’ve taken them all into consideration, reach out to learn more about our local NYC movers and long-distance moving services — we’re the most trusted name when it comes to moving people to, from and around the state!)


What sounds like a better prospect to you: trudging back and forth from the curb to your new apartment carrying boxes amidst drifts of snow, or having a clear pathway as the sun shines above? Does the idea of soggy cardboard and water-damaged heirlooms bum you out? Would a blue sky day make it seem like you made the right decision to move?

On the East Coast, winters can be harsh and hurricane season can be a doozy. From the end of September through March (and even into April), weather can be unpredictable, with both rain and snow a possibility on any given day. Once April showers turn into May flowers, however, the sun is out more and the thermometer heats up, making a spring or summer move a much safer bet, weather-wise if you can swing it.

This graph gives a quick snapshot of the average monthly temperatures and rainfall levels for NYC, which should help give you a broad idea about what to expect depending on when you move:

Apartment Cost and Availability

One caveat to a summer move, however, is the fact that summers tend to correlate with higher rents in the city. According to Curbed New York:

“Renters would be well-advised to sign a lease in February, the cheapest month to rent in New York. Rental prices begin to increase in early May and reach their apex in the summer months, peaking in July. They begin to decrease again come October, reaching their low in February.”

And then there is the concern about availability. Those who keep up with the real estate market know that it ebbs and flows throughout the year, with more available in some months as opposed to others. If you’re coming to NY in search of new living arrangements, you might want to look into this a little more closely. In general, apartments tend to open up most often in July (when rental prices are highest, of course!). According to StreetEasy:

“Rental inventory levels are higher than usual from May through August, and dip through the fall, reaching their lowest levels in December. Renters can expect to see 11 percent more listings in July versus 12 percent fewer in December. This means that in any given year, summer renters have access to nearly 6,000 more units than winter renters…”

RentHop provides some great information on “Relative Seasonal Rent Differences” in NYC, and their data proves that moving in the summer comes at a bit of a cost compared to the off-season:

best time to rent new york ny Best Time of Year to Move to NYC

Thus, it’s a gamble between cost and availability. Both are important to consider depending on your personal needs and circumstances.

best time to move in nyc Best Time of Year to Move to NYC

When is the Best Time To Move in NYC?

February is likely the best time to move to NYC, or move in NYC.

  • According to Curbed New York: “Renters would be well-advised to sign a lease in February, the cheapest month to rent in New York.”
  • New York City apartment rental prices and broker fees are less expensive in the winter.
  • It’s best to avoid the holiday rush too, making February ideal for a Big Apple move.
  • NYC renters are more motivated to rent in the winter, giving you more bargaining power when signing a lease.

Considering School Enrollment For Your Little Ones

While pricier, a July move might make sense, however, if you have school-aged kids in tow. This timing would give children a month or two to acclimate before the school year begins.

Once you know where you’ll be living, you can look into which school your child or children will be eligible to enroll, and you should call ahead to make sure they have space. If you are moving mid-school year, you’ll need to make sure the school has room for a transfer student since the term will already be underway. For kids in daycare, many programs fill up fast and even have waitlists for months (or even years!) to come.

Do your research and call a number of programs in the area to assure there is a place for your child well before the moving trucks have arrived.

Holidays and Tourist Season

Choosing to move around the end of the year is not the best idea. This is the time when New York City is lit up and decked for the Christmas holiday with tourists clogging the streets. All of these factors make it a little tougher to get around. Add a large moving truck into the picture and that vision becomes all the more complicated.

If you can, make sure you avoid a move from Thanksgiving until a week or so after New Year’s to avoid this hustle and bustle. (Of course, if you hire FlatRate’s professional team of local movers, this won’t be an issue. We’ll brave the streets and traffic so you don’t have to!)

Off-Season Moving

Did you know there is such a thing as “moving season”? Peak moving season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This time period is when the weather tends to be the best and most predictable. Do you want to move in the off-months instead? You’ll have more flexibility with your moving dates, thanks to fewer people booking a relocation. Lower competition might also lead to you saving a few dollars in the process, as well.

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