After the move is finally complete and all of the boxes have been unloaded into your home, the second stage of moving begins. It’s time to start unpacking! If decorating or interior design lights you up, this part might feel like an exciting opportunity. But if you have kids, need to immediately get back to your job, or just aren’t interested in trying to attach your flatscreen to the wall, this part can feel like a hassle. Maybe, just maybe, someone else could do it. So can movers unpack for you? We’ll explain the services that are standard, and what might require some extra assistance.

Start with packing services

Nowadays, many if not most moving companies offer basic packing services. This typically involves a designated packing team that arrives on moving day with plenty of supplies to put everything in inboxes. Things like disassembling furniture or disconnecting and packing your electronics may be considered extra add-on services, or they may be included. Your contract should explain everything. Is it unclear? Ask. Your moving company should answer any questions about what is included in your moving services package!

FR truck Can Movers Unpack for You?

Disassembling and reassembling furniture

If your movers offer disassembly services, they will likely put your furniture together again at your final destination. It’s always worth checking, of course, as some moving companies separate out each little service. Your bed, kitchen table, and other large, otherwise-unwieldy pieces of furniture will need to be taken apart at least partially. Be sure that each item is labeled with the room where it belongs. This is the only way your movers know where to reassemble it!

Some items may require more specialized attention, like antiques or custom furnishings. In that case, your moving company might need to assign a team of carpenters to not only disassemble your items but create custom crates to ship them. This is typically an add-on service, and not all moving companies can provide this level of skill. Inquire about what your movers can offer!

Installing electronics

Sound systems, entertainment systems, Wi-Fi networks, and wall-mounted televisions all require a certain amount of technical skill to install properly. Some DIY-fanatics may wish to tackle the bundles of wires to figure out which goes where, but most would rather leave it to the professionals. After all, nobody enjoys troubleshooting the Wi-fi to figure out why your television won’t connect when all you really want to do is relax. Find out if your moving company offers IT installation and support services as part of your moving package. 

Note: with IT installation, it’s important to make sure that your movers are properly qualified to do the job right. Well-meaning movers might try to wire things up, but it could end up in greater frustration if it isn’t done correctly the first time around!

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Full-service unpacking and organizing 

The level to which your movers will unpack your belongings varies by company. Some movers have rules that allow them only to unpack the items that they packed, while others will only deliver your items to their designated room. Some moving companies offer full home organization services, though this tends to be rare. In most cases, you would need to hire a home organizer to complete a thorough unpacking. They could even color-code your closet! Most companies will situate your furniture and deliver your boxes, then let you do the organizing in your new home! 

At FlatRate Moving, we offer a custom floor plan option. This lets your movers know exactly where to put your area rugs and furniture upon delivery. We’ll unwrap and assemble anything we took apart, even putting your mattress back on the frame. That leaves you only to put on your sheets and blankets! At your request, we can even install your WiFi, mount your flatscreen television, and wire your sound system.

So do movers unpack for you? Whatever it is you need, just ask! Our professional movers are highly trained and ready to assist in making your move stress-free.