Floor protection, crating services, and a courtesy call before your movers’ arrival aren’t the only perks that come with moving with FlatRate. To make your moving experience seamless, we’ve partnered with Lyft, Next Cleaners, and Crunch to help welcome you to your new place with style and ease. Whether you choose to use these services before, during, or after your move, our exclusive NYC partnerships will have you feeling like a local in your new neighborhood in no time.

Since moving can be busy enough without the pressure of having to plan how you will get to your new home, we partnered with Lyft to make it easy to get around town on the day of your move. Since most of us carry our important documents or laptops with us when headed to our destination address, taking a Lyft ride provides our clients with a sense of security.

Once you unpack in your new place, you’ll want to make sure your wardrobe is as fresh and clean as your home. So we partnered with Next Cleaners to offer our clients discounts on basic dry cleaning and laundry services. If you’re a new customer, you can also enjoy the perks of cleaning up your home at a lower rate. Nothing beats a fresh welcome than Next Cleaners!

Fitness enthusiasts, we didn’t forget about you- our collaboration with Crunch offers free gym sessions for a limited amount of time. With exclusive offers to Crunch, you can unwind after your move with a great sweat session. At FlatRate, our goal is to help our customers adjust to their new place while still keeping routines from their old lives including their exercise routines. With our partnership with Crunch, our clients can maintain their workout schedules while transitioning into their new place.

Become a FlatRate client today and book your local, long-distance, overseas, or into storage move with us!

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