Long distance moving is a complex process that requires a lot of planning and preparation. When completing a long distance move, moving companies will try their best to make the process as stress free and seamless as possible. 

Since there will be a long period of time that your items will be in transit,  there can be unforeseen complications that arise. 

FlatRate Mover Packing Items Into Box Common Mishaps When Moving Long Distance

Damage to Belongings

One of the most common long distance moving mishaps are damage to belongings. During a long distance move your items will be transported long distances and sometimes have to be switched between long distance trucks. Due to these circumstances if your items are improperly wrapped and packed, or if a moving company does not use high quality moving materials/boxes the risk of damage is significantly increased.

At FlatRate Moving our team is full of highly skilled and professionally trained long distance movers. All of our professional movers are experienced and attend weekly courses dedicated to enhance the craft and knowledge on proper packing techniques. At FlatRate Moving we only use the highest quality of packing materials and boxes. This is to ensure none of your personal belongings are crushed or damaged during the long distance moving process.

Unexpected Costs and Fees

Another common long distance moving mishap are unexpected costs and hidden fees. When it comes to long distance moving, moving companies will typically charge you by weight and the mileage between origin and destination. Typically an initial price will be given, then once everything is loaded moving companies will confirm the weight and charge you accordingly. That pricing a long distance move by weight does not bring you the best value because:

  1. Clients do not know how much their items will collectively weigh: this makes it difficult to give an accurate estimate.
  2. This pricing system may bring luck if you have little to move and your items aren’t heavy

Due to these pricing flaws, there are hidden fees and unexpected costs that can arise. These fees and unexpected costs can be sourced from services such as shuttle, storage, additional inventory and more.

An advantage of pricing by weight is you know what you are paying in advance so you can plan accordingly to stay within those parameters. 

Flatrate moving charges a long distance move by mileage, volume and complexity in order to guarantee a flat rate pricing. With this flatrate formula there will be no hidden fees or extra costs. The price agreed upon is the price that you pay. 

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Lack of Communication

During a long distance move, communication is essential in order for the move to be efficient and seamless. Several factors can negatively influence communication during a long distance move. 

These factors include: 

  • Time zone differences: this can cause a significant difference in availability of communication
  • Bust schedules: long distance moving is time consuming and both parties may have busy schedules
  • Miscommunication: regarding logistics, timelines and expectations

FlatRate Moving is dedicated to having clear, concise and easy communication during a long distance move. From start until finish our detailed and customizable moving plan ensures clear communication. The logistics of the move and any other relevant information will be understood. We utilize top-of-the-line technology to facilitate communication and provide regular updates during the long distance moving process.

When moving long distances, there are common mishaps that can occur. However, moving companies can have protocols put into place to help limit the risk factor. FlatRate Moving has perfected long distance moving. These common mishaps are prevented by utilizing high quality moving materials, practicing correct packing and transportation techniques for items, providing detailed planning and communication services throughout the entire moving process and providing transparent flat rate pricing. With FlatRate Moving your long distance move will be safe, efficient and stress-free. 

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