If privacy and luxury protection are some of your top priorities, FlatRate’s exclusive Elite moving service might just be what you’re looking for.

Moving can require hours of work and preparation. Relocating to your new home shouldn’t have to be a stressful experience. With FlatRate’s white-glove moving service, we guarantee a smooth moving experience with as little noise as possible.

How do we do it? Discrete black moving trucks, special handling, and top-of-the-line packing and unpacking with our unparalleled team of Elite movers. Our teams are specially trained to handle the finer things in life and deliver the highest quality of service.

With our elite differential, FlatRate provides extra attention and skill and guarantees a superior level of protection. We know the stakes are high when moving expensive collections, large artwork, ancient artifacts, sculptures, musical instruments, and more.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury moving experience, now is the time to learn more about our white glove work. Here are some of the advantages and reasons why you should consider FlatRate’s elite moving service:

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Luxury Protection

Standing out from other moving companies, FlatRate only works with the best packing materials in the moving industry — guaranteeing full protection to our client’s inventory.

Take advantage of our top-tier blankets that are perfect to protect your valuable furniture and bulky items. When it comes to boxes, we only use double-layered ones for next-level stability and to prevent your belongings get crushed in the moving process.

Additionally, we offer dust covers to ensure that your items arrive as clean as they were before the move.

If you have any items that need to be handled with care and require specialized packing, FlatRate also offers custom wood crating — exclusively built by our skilled team of carpenters at our Bronx facility.

Easy Storage Solutions

In addition to our white glove moving services, FlatRate also offers short-term storage services prior to your move.

With our global network of storage facilities, it’s easy to keep your items safe in case your new home isn’t ready for everything at once — FlatRate owns and operates multiple storage units all around the country and with our round-the-clock security, satisfaction and safety are guaranteed.

Offering private rooms, video surveillance, photo inventory, climate-controlled units and door-to-door delivery service, FlatRate’s high-end storage service is exactly what you need to feel safe while your inventory is being stored outside of your home.

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Silent Moving Experience

For our Elite team, your privacy is our priority and this is why FlatRate puts effort into making sure you have a discrete experience when using our white-glove moving service.

Enjoy moving anonymously while benefiting from our discrete black moving trucks and a highly-trained team.

To enhance your silent moving experience, we offer no-noise tapes so you don’t have to listen to hours of pulling and tearing, headsets for our luxury movers to ensure that nobody talks above normal, and careful planning and deliberate movements from the entire crew.

Exclusive Shipping & Customs Process

To facilitate your moving experience, FlatRate provides a custom move plan with all the documentation needed when you decide to use our white glove moving services.

We submit all forms along with the shipment to the carrier but the client is responsible for filing the documentation and sending it back to us in a timely manner. After choosing your preferred shipping method, your items will depart on the date you agreed on and will be taken to the chosen destination port.

FlatRate will provide an estimated delivery for your shipment according to the service you requested.

Sophisticated Storage & Viewing

Another advantage of our white glove moving service is our storage management. We focus on expert handling and security, all fully integrated with our fine art shipping network.

Flexible viewing areas are available at all facilities. You are welcome to visit when you need to open, examine, and display content and cases. You and your team can photograph, view, and report on the condition of your belongings.

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Luxury Building Management

FlatRate knows the ins and outs of dealing with the management teams of luxury buildings. We understand the many restrictions and rules that might arise during the process.

With our elite service, our in-house team of planners goes above and beyond to communicate with your building’s management. We itemize and double-check that the moving day happens smoothly. The Certificate of Insurance is always provided, ahead of time. This is how we can move within any building without last-minute issues.

Special Coverage & Valuation

We treat your belongings as the prized possessions that they are.

When you choose our elite service, we work directly with you to assess any damage. With this process in place, we ensure efficient communication while resolving any issues as quickly as possible.

On top of our valuation services, we also offer insurance on any of your valuable items. The value of your shipment is secure with our white glove moving services.