Are you excited yet nervous about shifting to a new place? We understand moving could be challenging for you and your wallet. But luckily, there are a few cost-saving strategies that are going to save you a lot. Let’s dive in to reduce the moving cost and choose the right NYC moving company .

Let’s dive in:

Sort Out the Thing & Sell The Excess

Why shift the useless stuff and pay for it to move when you can sell it and earn money instead? We know a lot of things may have a sentimental connection with you, but it is a wise idea to think practically and get rid of extra items.

For instance, you can sell your old TV, which is nothing more than a vintage showpiece, or you can sell your old sofas, furniture, or anything that is not worth carrying with you. It will not only save your time but your effort as well and give you money in return.



Avoid Buying Supplies & Use Free Packing Material

Purchasing bubble wrap, boxes, and paper for packing can add up the cost. Well, you can cut the cost by asking your newly shifted neighbors for moving supplies. Also, you can go to the appliance and furniture shops and ask for extra boxes if they have any from their recent deliveries. Moreover, you can use old socks, clothes, and newspapers to wrap glassware and decoration pieces. 

Don’t Pick the Lowest Bidding NYC Movers

Movers are responsible for safely transporting your luggage from one place to another. You may get tempted by cheap lowest bidding movers, but they will end up costing you a lot.

Lowest bidding movers in NYC usually compromise the quality, which will result in late delivery, broken or lost items, etc. you can save this money by choosing a reputable moving company in NYC.

FlatRate Moving is an affordable and trusted moving company in NYC. You can hire us for a cost-saving shift.

Don’t Over-Buy Things For Your New Home

For moving, stop buying things for your new home. You can do it when you get shifted there. Just focus on having essentials for your new place and nothing else. You can decorate your place and buy many things with time when you get there. The less you buy, the more money you can save for moving.

Ask Your Company For Reimbursement

Before accepting a new job, ask them if they pay for moving expenses. You would be surprised to know that a lot of companies reimburse the moving cost. If your company is not reimbursing, then your moving expenses might be tax deductible. Talk to your tax advisor and check the eligibility.

Pack Everything Yourself

Movers are not going to pack your things. If they do, they will definitely charge an extra. So it is always a wise idea to pack things yourself. On a moving day, they will just arrive and load the boxes in a truck. Also, disassemble the beds and furniture yourself and wrap them with sheets to avoid getting scratched.

Although Flatrate Moving pays attention to every single item while loading and unloading, it is still always a wise idea to take care of your things.

%name Moving on a Budget: Cost Saving Strategies for NYC Movers

Choose an Off-Peak Moving Date

Moving during peak times, such as weekends or the end of the month, can be a little expensive. Choose a weekday or mid-month move if possible. Additionally, avoid moving during popular seasons like summer when rates tend to be higher.

Anyhow If you choose Flatrate Moving, let us tell you that we do not change rates with seasons. Our rate is flat, whether it is the peak season or midweek.

Plan Your Move Smart!

Moving with a tight budget is a difficult task. You can do it if you handle the cost smartly and follow the above-mentioned tips. Remember to plan ahead and implement these cost-saving strategies; you can make your NYC move more budget-friendly without sacrificing the quality of services.

We hope this blog post helped you narrow down your moving cost. All you have to do is plan smartly and hire a budget-friendly moving company like FlatRate Moving. Our name already suggests we never charge anything extra, even in the peak season.

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