When you’re relocating, packing can be downright overwhelming, especially if you’re juggling a full-time job or busy family life. Full-service movers are a convenient way to get your move done right—and without stress.

Whether you’re moving around the block or across the country, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider. How do you pack all those oddly-shaped possessions around your home? Faced with the task, it can feel like a giant puzzle where none of the pieces fit.

Don’t stress figuring out how to pack a lamp or wrap up your china without breaking it.  Instead, leave it to the professionals to save time and your sanity. After all, professional movers have got everything, including moving art, down to an art.

What Is a Full-Service Move?

A full-service move means movers will take care of all the details, carefully packing and unpacking even the trickiest items without damage. Choose professional movers that have experience moving all types of different objects. They’re experts at getting the job done efficiently and logically. Even if you choose to do some packing yourself, you can benefit from their tips and suggestions!

The best part? They’ll even whisk those boxes and pack materials away for you. When your move is done, you can get right to settling into your new space.

How Are Your Belongings Packed?

Before your move, professional packers will develop a customized plan for packing your items quickly and efficiently. Full-service movers use special bags, boxes, blankets, tape, and shrink wrap to keep your items safe and secure. They can also pack items for long-term storage or long-distance moves.

When you book a FlatRate move, all moves include packing and wrapping lamps, electronics, flat-screen TVs, hanging clothes, and mirrors (no need to worry about seven years’ bad luck). In addition to those standard items, a FlatRate full-service move can take care of additional items, such as your dishes and pots and pans, shoes and clothing, children’s toys, and other miscellaneous possessions.

%name Do Packers and Movers Pack Everything?

Some moves require specialized attention. If necessary, FlatRate movers can even build custom wood crates for moving valuables. This includes items such as antiques, chandeliers, fine art, sculptures, and any other items requiring special attention. When you’re moving artwork, including sculpture and exhibition pieces, FlatRate has specialized packers and movers capable of moving and setting up museum-caliber lighting and displays.

Can Movers Help Unpack My Belongings?

When you arrive in your new home, FlatRate movers can help you unpack for a stress-free setup in your new space. However, in addition to unpacking furniture and special items during a full-service move, you can even take a seamless transition to the next level and even hire FlatRate’s experts to install items like your TV, WiFi setup, and audio systems leaving no loose ends for you to figure out.

Worried about setting up tour TV, internet, or audio systems in your new place? FlatRate movers are experts in flat-panel TV installation and relocation, from LDCs to 4K screens. They’ll have your TV up and running right in time for your favorite primetime show. Let the tech experts arrange your speakers for the complete A/V experience.

Of course, staying connected is a huge concern for modern life. FlatRate IT services will make sure you’re back online, ready to stream or respond to an email.

Why Is a Full-Service Move Important?

In today’s world, a truly full-service move requires out-of-the-box thinking to tailor your move to your needs.  From relocating expensive, cutting-edge tech to moving large collections of artwork and family heirlooms. You can add-on services to make your move as customized as you need, depending on what you’re moving, where you’re moving, and what you’re taking with you.