If you have moved before, or you are preparing for your first move, you are probably stressed or worried about the logistics of it all. Although moving into a new space brings lots of excitement for what is to come, moving can also be one of life’s most stressful experiences. It is understandable to be wary about what could go wrong during the process. There are many factors that play into creating an incident-free move. 

The 4 most stressful aspects of moving include:


Choosing What To Keep and What To Get Rid of

Moving is a great way to be proactive in getting rid of things you had forgotten about or no longer use. By clearing out any excess belongings that are no longer needed, the size of the move will be reduced. This will allow for you to better keep track of your move, and ease stress that could arise later.

Fragile Pieces

One thing no one wants to deal with during this already stressful time is searching for new furniture. Whether it be your great-grandmother’s heirloom, a  piano or a new television, your belongings need to be entrusted in the care of reliable movers to ensure that they will make it to your destination in one piece, and in the same condition that they were when they left your old house.

Making Sure Nothing Is Left Behind

Taking time to make sure you are not forgetting anything can be an overlooked part of moving. With all the frenzy and change of moving, it is important to ensure you are keeping track of all your belongings, as lost items can only add onto the stress and trauma of moving. One way you can be certain is to make a list of every room in the house. Then, check them off as you clear every nook and cranny of each room.

Emotional Uncertainty

It is also very stressful to leave a place you may have spent a lot of time in. It can be hard to let go of the memories you have made. Take time during the move to say goodbye and relive your fondest memories. The future always holds great things!


How FlatRate Moving Can Help

Moving companies are a critical part of easing the stress of the process of moving. They will be in charge of making sure that everything is kept safe and packed correctly. By hiring the right crew of movers, you can focus on your own responsibilities rather than having to handle everything yourself.

Clear Pricing

FlatRate Moving allows for customers to create a moving plan that fits your exact moving needs. To get a quote for your move, simply visit our website or give us a call. You will answer a few questions such as move date and move location. Our team will then create a catered moving plan specific to your move. You will also be presented with a guaranteed all-inclusive price. This will be honored during your move (assuming that there are no modifications to the plan). 

Professional Team

Here at FlatRate Moving, a smooth move is guaranteed when selecting FlatRate Moving to help with your move. We have a professional team with effective strategies for how your belongings are packed and transported. Additionally, FlatRate helps ease the stress of moving by providing professional communication and effective planning. Due to the knowledge and planning that our employees provide, this will surely decrease your stress during this important life event.

Packing and Unpacking Services

To make your move easier, use FlatRate’s packing and unpacking services. We provide a wide variety of quality boxes that will secure your items and simplify the moving process for whatever item you are looking to pack safely. In addition to providing these quality boxes, FlatRate is also a one-stop shop for people preparing to move by providing packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. This ensures that your items reach their destination undamaged. 

FLatRate Elite Mover Packing Boxes Easing the Stress of Moving: How FlatRate can Streamline any Move

TV and Audio Installation

Setting up your TV and surround sound is the last thing you want to worry about during a move. We understand that, and want you to have a stress-free moving experience. We will provide IT professionals to set everything up and have it running smoothly in no time!

Interested in Learning More?

The FlatRate Moving experience is highly customizable to fit your needs and guarantees that you receive the best possible experience during your transition into your new space. Those who have used our services before have described our movers as, “Excellent, Polite, Professional. 3rd time using Flatrate. Great service, cost reasonable, and great movers!” (Monica Goodman). With thousands of satisfied customers–increasing by the day–FlatRate is a professional moving and storage company that provides elite and luxury services for every customer, regardless of the size of the move. To learn more about the possible cost of a move with FlatRate Moving by your side, visit https://www.flatrate.comto get a free quote today!