With housing prices in San Francisco perched as the highest in the nation and inventory seriously low, it might seem ridiculous to even be talking about desirable neighborhoods. But San Francisco is still expanding, believe it or not — and that means there are new up-and-coming areas that are attracting attention! So take a look at these five up-and-coming San Francisco neighborhoods if you’re considering a move. You might not have heard of them yet… but that’s kind of the point, right?

SoMa San Francisco Five up and coming neighborhoods in San Francisco

SoMa (South of Market)

Ok, so you might have heard of this neighborhood. It’s big, it’s diverse, and it’s right downtown with access to city transportation. Despite its central location, there is still some hope of housing availability in SoMa; and this is the draw that makes it so desirable.

SoMa is gearing up to be even more desirable. The Central SoMa project is teed up to add up to 8,000 new housing units through a series of re-zonings, height increases, affordable housing mandates, and even some street and sidewalk redesigns. The city is serious about making this area more habitable, and that includes a 23,000-square-foot rooftop park.

The neighborhood still maintains some of its historical character as the home of the LGBTQ community. The vibrant nightlife still includes plenty of drag shows, and the gritty dive bars haven’t all disappeared just yet. They’re now accompanied by chic bistros and wine bars, too.

Mid Market San Francisco Five up and coming neighborhoods in San Francisco


Mid-Market was already given the moniker of “up and coming” back in 2017. A slew of new high-rise apartment buildings was approved, making the home of Twitter headquarters look suddenly more appealing. Tech employees have brought whole new energy to the area. Even still, the neighborhood is not without its character. The upgrade is still underway, so this neighborhood might be more appealing to an artistic crowd looking for culture and quirk.

The American Conservatory Theater has a location in Mid-Market dedicated to the arts. A smattering of restaurateurs has made a go of the many new spaces that have sprung up, though the neighborhood still seems to be finding its identity in many ways. But with so much new infrastructure being created and such easy access to public transit, this area is without a doubt on the rise. For those looking to get in before the curve, the time is now.

Nob Hill San Francisco Five up and coming neighborhoods in San Francisco

Nob Hill

Prepare yourself for a pretty classic San Francisco experience in Nob Hill, including learning how to park on steep hills and building your leg strength if you choose to bike. There’s plenty of public transit so you don’t need to plan to drive much; this neighborhood is a true beauty. Just about every apartment has a stunning view of the city, but they come with steep hills in every direction.

Part of the draw here is the abundance of rental properties in an affordable price range. Rent-controlled options as well as the sheer density of apartment and condo buildings mean there’s usually something available, so many choose to rent long-term. The neighborhood still holds on to some of San Fran’s culture too, with both high-end eateries and cozy hole-in-the-wall spots to grab a Friday night drink.

Although many love San Francisco’s iconic Dolores Park, Huntington Park in Nob Hill has the hearts of locals. It’s snuggled between Grace Cathedral, the Pacific-Union Club, and the Huntington Hotel, and it’s known for being immaculate. Bring your blanket and your book, and be prepared to run into someone you know from the neighborhood. Even if you moved out of state to get here, you’ll settle in quickly.

ATT Park MIssion Bay San Francisco Five up and coming neighborhoods in San Francisco

Mission Bay

The new construction, wide streets, and young tech vibe in Mission Bay make it a unique spot when moving to San Francisco’s neighborhoods. Home to several tech companies, the neighborhood is right across from AT&T Park and has drawn a young, vibrant community.

Housing is mostly modern, upscale condos and new buildings, and there is ample opportunity for outdoor recreation. Paddle the river, walk or run the Bay Trail, or go climbing at Mission Rock. Since this part of San Francisco is a planned community, the housing was built to attract young homebuyers. You won’t see those classic San Francisco row houses, but you will find on-site fitness centers and bike-friendly traffic patterns.

India Basin San Francisco Five up and coming neighborhoods in San Francisco

Speculative: India Basin

This neighborhood is truly up-and-coming. Just approved in 2017 for a massive project to build 1,575 residential units and roughly 200,000 square feet of commercial space, India Basin is under construction in a big way. So if you aren’t ready to move to San Francisco just yet, this might be the place to watch. 15.5 acres of public green space, easy access to the T-Third Train, and the view from India Basin Shoreline Park make this area a no-brainer.

That is, once some housing is built.

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