When it comes to having a stress-free move, the biggest secret is making sure everything is packed properly — you don’t want to get to your new home and find out that half of your kitchenware broke on the way and your favorite painting is now scratched. Packing items right is a science and after decades of NYC moving and packing countless homes, FlatRate has mastered every step of the packing process.

Constantly keeping our customers’ valuable possessions in mind, we differ from other moving companies in NYC by offering a series of additional quality services that fulfill all of your moving needs — from custom crating, TV & audio installation to long-distance packing and everything in between.

Although it is highly recommended to let the professional’s pack items (every item requires a different kind of protection) FlatRate created an exclusive packing guide with essential tips and advice — this way you know how to properly pack your items and most importantly won’t be scrambling to get everything ready when the big day comes around.

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Take Time to Declutter

Moving is the perfect opportunity to take a look at your belongings and figure out what is worth coming with you into your new home and the next chapter of your life. Decluttering is an important step of the packing process and it will certainly make the moving experience much easier — the less stuff you have to pack, the fewer boxes you will need, and the cheaper your move will be.

If you’re looking into donating furniture, clothing, or other items, make sure to take advantage of FlatRate’s Upcycle program. We have partnered with Salvation Army for years, so every time you move with FlatRate, our movers bring specific boxes for the items you’re donating and drop them off at the closest facility on their way out.

Sort Your Items By Category

Don’t mix your books with your kitchenware and your vinyl collection with the towels. Stay organized and optimize your box space by sorting your items into specific categories. Mark each box with labels like “dishes” or “books.” This practice will assist you in keeping track of your belongings. Ultimately it will make the unpacking process smoother allowing you to settle into your new home sooner.

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Pack & Put the Essentials Aside

There may be a couple of days between leaving the old house and moving into the new one. With long-distance moves, the chance is increased that your delivery date will be a few days after you arrive.

To avoid being stranded without things like a toothbrush and plates, set aside a box for essentials such as dishes, your phone charger, little appliances, and other home essentials. Also, take some time to pack items in a suitcase with a few changes of clothes and toiletries to avoid the unnecessary expense of buying everything you need before your items arrive at their destination. If you have daily medication to take, make sure to have that packed with you for the ride. Other important personal items to always keep with you include your laptop, passport, and other important documents.

Use Large Boxes For Light Items / Small Boxes For Heavy Items

Putting heavy items in a large box increases the likelihood that the box will break or collapse. Always go for large boxes when packing light items and small boxes for heavy ones. Keep this tip in mind to avoid crushed boxes, broken inventory, and a much more expensive move than you anticipated.

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Take Pictures Before Sealing Boxes

Trust us, this will only take you seconds to do and save you hours during packing and unpacking your items. Take a picture of the inside of each moving box before closing. With this practice in place, you will know how to find your belongings when you get to your new home.

Get the Right Moving Supplies

Sometimes the cheap option ends up being more expensive. Do not waste your time and money on bargain brands, always use high-quality packing supplies. Well-made packing labels, tape, dish boxes, linen boxes,  black markers, and cardboard dividers are always worth the expense. When it comes to tissue paper, don’t use a newspaper.  The ink will get all over your things and will stain them — use unprinted tissue paper for wrapping fragile items.

Watch FlatRate’s Packing Tutorial Videos

Yes, on top of putting this guide together, we also have a full YouTube channel filled with videos to help you pack every item you own properly! Our experience is broad, from packing mattresses, and flat-screen TVs to the most valuable artwork. FlatRate has all the tips you need to make sure your inventory is always protected. Whether you’ve decided to pack yourself or let a professional moving company handle it for you, request a quote from us today and inquire about packing services! We’re happy to give you a quote with and without packing. This way you can make sure your move is stress-free from beginning to end.