Whether it’s your cozy brownstone or a swanky skyscraper, there are some unique challenges to moving in or out of each.

So, what’s the deal, and how does a top-notch moving crew like the one at Flat Rate Moving handle the switch between these two types of buildings?

In this article, we’re going to share how we handle both moves like a boss. So read on and learn how we make your big move a breeze, no matter where you’re headed.

Charms of Brownstone Home Living

Brownstones, also known as townhomes or row houses, are a classic type of urban housing. They’re typically made of brick with distinctive features like unique window sills, lintels, and those cool stone front stoops. Now, to be officially called a brownstone, it’s got to have at least two floors. But most of them take it a step further and reach three or four stories tall.

How about those front stoops? Are they that big of a deal when it comes to brownstone homes, especially in New York City? These stoops weren’t just built for looks; they had a very practical purpose. 

Back in the day, the streets were, well, pretty messy, with horse dung. So, builders made these stoops to raise the parlor, or entrance, floor above the street level, keeping it nice and clean. 

That’s the kind of smart thinking that gives brownstones their unique charm!

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Brownstone House Moving 

When it comes to moving Brownstone houses, it’s pretty much like any other home move, but with a few unique twists. Brownstones, those charming old city dwellings, bring their own set of challenges. 

But there is nothing that FlatRate Movers can’t handle. Here’s how we take things one step at a time. 

Pre-Move Assessment:

Before our moving crew gets down to business, they’ll kick things off with a pre-move check at the Brownstone house. 

This involves sizing up the layout, checking out the access points, and scouting for any hurdles that could make the move tricky.

Now, Brownstones are known for their tight squeezes, with narrow staircases, small doorways, and cramped spaces, which can give movers a bit of a headache when it comes to wrangling big furniture and all your stuff.

After inspecting the Brownstone home, our moving company creates a customized plan, accounting for unique challenges like narrow spaces and specifying the number of movers, equipment, and special tools needed for a successful move.

Packing Up the Stuff:

On the scheduled moving day, the movers will roll in with all the necessary gear—dollies, straps, and protective coverings.

They’ll carefully work their way through those tight staircases and hallways, taking extra care to prevent any dings or scrapes on both your home and your precious stuff.

Plus, before that, they’ll be your packing buddies, helping you box up your things and, if needed, take apart your furniture to make sure everything can make it through those pesky tight spots.

This kind of packing also gives your items an extra layer of protection for the journey.

Loading and Transport:

Movers will load your packed belongings onto the truck, securing them to prevent shifting. Once our team reaches your desired brownstone home location, they’ll unload, reassemble furniture if necessary, and place everything in the designated rooms, following your instructions.

Skyscraper House Moving

On the flip side, moving into a skyscraper tends to be a bit less finicky and might actually be easier than you’d expect. Skyscraper living is designed to make moves smoother; you’ve got roomy elevators, wider hallways, and straightforward access, so bringing your stuff in feels effortless.  

So, if you’re thinking about a high-rise home, don’t worry; the move is likely to be a whole lot less tricky compared to the particular quirks of Brownstone living. 

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Pre-move Assessment:

Our moving company begins with performing an assessment of whatever the client holds as belongings. It may include items such as furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. 

A quick overview provides our professionals with a complete overview and a detailed outlook on what types of items are needed to be transported during the house move. 

It helps them bring the required equipment, packing materials, and other related items for the moving day.

Building Coordination:

Next up is coordinating with the skyscraper management or the homeowner’s association within the vicinity. This step is necessary in order to gain permits and to reserve the elevator for moving the packed items on the day of the move. 

Organizing the moving process helps teams easily transfer all the important items without experiencing any hiccups.

Packing and Protection:

Our professional movers are skilled in packing important items. 

The team takes extra care while packing all of the stuff and makes sure that they securely transport all the items to the desired location without causing any damage to the fragile ones. 

During the move, they may use a number of things, such as bubble wrap or blankets, to ensure everything remains well protected.

Elevator Moving and Reassembly:

To move your items into your newly purchased living space, our moving company makes use of elevators. A dedicated elevator helps us specify scheduled time slots for moving items to and from with absolute ease. 

Finally, we take all your stuff through the hallways and unload and unpack it within your particular space. We will set up your skyscraper apartment just the way you want us to.


From packers to movers, Flat Rate Movers is your one-stop shop for all your house-moving needs. Our team of professionals is fully trained and highly experienced, with years of expertise in the home moving industry.

We have assisted thousands of NYC homeowners in relocating their homes with absolute comfort, ensuring that everything is thoroughly checked and well-balanced.

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