Navigating the streets of New York City is no easy task and If you’ve never lived in a big city, an overwhelming combination of sensory overload and culture shock may consume you.  Even if you grew up a city dweller, moving to a new one can be a daunting prospect.  Since you’ll be new to city life, you must be well-informed and ready to take on the challenge.  We want your transition from country mouse to city slicker to be seamless, so peruse our moving tips about how to move to a city.

Moving Preparations

Take time before moving to sort through your belongings and declutter.  If you’re downsizing from a larger place, you’re going to want to cart less to your new apartment due to tighter quarters.  Something you may easily sift through is old clothes if you’re moving to a warmer climate and don’t require winter clothing.

 Working Hard for the Money

Whether you’re employed or plan to search for employment when you arrive, calculate how much money you’ll need to support your new lifestyle.  Don’t assume you can swing for that spectacular brownstone without checking your finances first.  You can always upgrade your living situation later.

Car Sense

Making sense of traveling through the city causes trepidation in many, but you can do it with some detective work.  Review city maps to see where important places are located and how to get there, says WikiHow.  Although you may love driving your own car, driving and parking present extra caution and logistical considerations in the city.  Navigating your city’s public transportation systems may be easier than keeping a car.  Negotiating crowds and traffic may be too much trouble and stress.  Just ask the moving company about that!

Retail Therapy

Unless you’ve visited frequently, you may not know where to shop for groceries, pharmaceuticals, or any other necessities. Realize that stores will be more crowded and shopping and other tasks will take longer and be inconvenient, especially when hauling loot home.  Ask friends and family if they know people who already live there for advice on where to find your favorite places.

Staying Safe in the City

Always remember that you are in a city, no matter how safe or comfortable you feel, and keep your wits and wallet or purse about you at all times.  Before you move to a new city, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with local laws and anything else that concerns you, says WikiHow.