One of the most stressful times in your life has to be when you move.  There are so many details to remember, so much money spent, and too many decisions to make.  Since where you live determines how your life will be and how you conduct yourself, it can take a toll on even the strongest individual.  This type of stress can leave you feeling sick, depressed, and with a severe case of sensory overload.  Before you yank every last hair out of your head, opt to de-stress during the moving process using these proven methods.

How to Handle Stress During your Move?


The first, easiest thing you can do to immediately reduce stress is to take a few deep breaths.  Inhale, hold for a few breaths and then exhale.  This can also reduce any anxiety you’re enduring.


Find a quiet place to rest your eyes and either concentrate on one word or a mantra.  You may also want to practice mindfulness that acknowledges those passing thoughts but doesn’t dwell on them.


There are so many poses you can do that will release tension and offer you relaxation.  Search the Internet for poses or a routine that is designed to reduce stress.


A quick walk around the neighborhood, in your local mall or park, can do wonders for releasing stress.  If you usually exercise at a gym, visit it before you move or find a local gym near your new home for a workout.  Swimming can also help you feel calmer.

Massage/Spa Treatment/Mani-Pedi

Reward yourself with a massage to soothe sore muscles and tense neck and shoulders.  Or schedule a day to get a complete spa treatment at your favorite local spa or one that’s recommended in your new neighborhood. Top it all off with a manicure and pedicure to make you feel pampered.


Of course, you should make every effort to get a good night’s sleep, but sometimes, stress brings on insomnia.  If you feel the urge during the day to doze off, give in (if you can) and indulge yourself with some shut-eye.


Don’t deprive yourself of a good meal or make sure you eat right.  Opt for dessert at this stressful time – you can turn it away when you’re settled into your new home.

Take a Bath

A bath at the end of a long day can be very relaxing and rewarding.  Mixing Epsom salts and lavender can provide serenity.

Disconnect from Electronics

Decide to take a mini-break from electronics by turning off your phone, computer, or TV.  Electronics can overstimulate you, especially before bed.

Write You don’t have to be a writer to put down your thoughts in a notebook and release your worries.  

Work on Repetitive Work/Crafts

Sorting, filing, shredding paperwork, or any other repetitive busywork can distract you from your concerns.  If you like crafting, get a project started for another distraction.

Listen to Music/Watch a Comedy

Music can calm you down or cheer you up, so crank up the tunes and sing along.  Comedy can also provide an excellent release by tickling your funny bone with some LOL humor.

Schedule Time with Friends

Don’t forget about your friends.  They can offer the best distraction around or listen to you vent about the move or any other stress invading your life.

Plan Ahead

If you plan ahead of time for every eventuality, you’ll give yourself some breathing room during the move.

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