Earrings, necklaces, bracelets — whether adorned with precious gems or precious sentiments, your jewelry is a part of how you express yourself. Have you thought about how best to pack your jewelry for moving? Even if you have a jewelry case, you’ll want to take some extra precautions to prevent any damage or loss. Nobody wants to spend their first day in a new home untangling necklace chains or hunting for misplaced earrings! So here are our best tips on how to pack jewelry for moving.

Packing heirlooms and valuables

Everyone has those extra-special pieces that require additional attention and care. For these, use a jewelry roll. The compartments keep things separate and organized, and it is small enough to carry with you in your purse or your moving essentials bag. Carrying it with you instead of on the moving truck prevents accidental and tragic misplacement during the move.

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Packing necklaces and bracelets for moving

Necklaces can be the most challenging to pack — so here’s how to pack jewelry without getting it tangled. Getting chains tangled can have consequences, ranging from the time you have to spend untangling them to broken clasps or broken links. Having a few jewelry rolls is always a straightforward option, but there are a few others:

  • If you’re short on time, put each necklace or bracelet in a separate snack-sized plastic bag and seal it. Then pack your collection of bags in one larger bag to keep them all together and organized. Consider wrapping the bag in a towel, or even packing the bag with your sweaters or other soft clothing. This will protect your jewelry during moving.
  • If you are worried about tangling your delicate chains or bracelets, gather some straws (paper if possible) and a pair of scissors. Thread each chain through the straw and clasp it closed. You’ll need to trim each straw to the appropriate length, so this method can take some time. But if you’re packing delicate jewelry it could be worth it!
  • For larger chains that don’t fit through a straw, use toilet paper or a paper towel roll. With this method, you could use a single roll for multiple necklaces if they are the same length.
  • Don’t have straws, but want a little more protection? The plastic wrap might be the answer. It’s like a jewelry roll, only less fancy. Layout your plastic wrap and lay the necklace or bracelet across, then wrap the chain a couple of times. Add another chain, wrap a couple of times, and add another. Eventually, you’ll have a bundle of rolled-up necklaces and bracelets. Put this in a plastic bag to make sure nothing falls out, and park it somewhere safe.

Packing Rings and Earrings

If you have a significant and delicate earring collection, a foam board might be the best way to pack your jewelry for moving. Simply pierce each earring through the foam and, for studs, close the backing. For longer earrings, tape down the chandelier to protect it from getting tugged and broken in transit. Once you have secured all of your earrings, wrap the entire foam board in a few layers of packing paper and tape it up well. You can then pack the board in a moving box — just be sure to surround it with soft things!

How to pack jewelry  How to pack jewelry for moving

If you want an easier solution, pillboxes to the rescue! The little compartments of a pillbox are the perfect size for keeping your earrings organized in pairs. For the earring collectors among us, a fishing tackle box provides even more compartments. When packing delicate earrings, stuff a cotton ball in the box to easily protect them from rattling around on moving day. The same goes for rings: put one or a few in each little box, add a cotton ball, and you’re good to go. If you have concerns that the box might pop open, wrap the box in a layer of packing tape or tuck it into a plastic bag. Scrambling last minute? An egg carton can work in a pinch. Just add extra cushioning, like packing paper or paper towels.

When you are packing your jewelry, keep in mind: that some moving companies will not transport high-value jewelry or will suggest that you obtain additional moving insurance to protect your items in case of damage.

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