The first step to every successful move is creating a plan. This step may seem tedious, however it is the most essential part of a smooth move. During the creation of your plan there are many things that you should consider. It is important to make your plan as detailed and thorough as possible, as this will benefit you throughout the actual move.

Here are a few things to make sure to do when planning your next move:

Account for Everything:

One of the most obvious, but overlooked parts of a move is making a checklist of all your items. This can seem to be a tedious task, but it will ensure that you do not lose any belongings. Along with making your inventory checklist, you should also make a room checklist. After everything has been loaded, you can use this list to make sure that nothing has been left behind on the day of the move. Once you have checked off all rooms on your list, you can then leave with full confidence knowing you did not leave anything behind. During the time leading up to your move, you should also pack an essentials box that you keep with you. This can include some of the following items:

  • Kitchen Items
  • Cleaning Items
  • Snacks
  • Charging cables
  • Overnight health needs

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Excess Belongings:

One great aspect of a move is that you are able to clear out a lot of unwanted possessions that have accumulated over your time living in one place. Whether it be old clothes you no longer need, or furniture that will not fit in your new location’s layout, there are a few options for what you can do with these excess items. 

  • Facebook Marketplace: Great option for listing any furniture or home goods items before your move. The community is great, and allows you to get cash for items that you do not need anymore!
  • Donation Centers: Organizations such as Salvation Army and Goodwill are great options for getting rid of everyday clothes that you no longer use. These centers do not provide cash for your items, but they sell them at low prices to help lower-income families.


You may get stuck with items that you don’t want to sell or haven’t found a buyer for yet in some situations. Additionally you may not have space for something in your new space, but still want to hold on to it. In these situations your best bet is to invest in a storage unit. FlatRate can assist you in this process as we provide short and long term options for your unit. This allows for you to only keep the unit as long as you need. If you are looking to store fragile or antique items such as an old piano, it is important to pay extra for a climate controlled unit as well. This will protect your belongings from extreme weather such as hot summers or frozen winters. 

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Extra Services:

One of the easiest steps you can take to reduce the stress of the moving process  is hiring a reliable moving company. FlatRate Moving is an excellent option to help with your move because all of our movers are professionally trained. Additionally, FlatRate creates a unique moving plan to help orchestrate a smooth move for all of our customers.

Some more features that FlatRate offers for your move are:

  • Packing and Unpacking: FlatRate movers are committed to helping keep your belongings safe. Our team of experienced movers can assist you in packing your belongings safely and unpacking them once they arrive at your new location!
  • IT Installation: This service greatly benefits those of our customers who are not as tech savvy as they want to be. We have trained professionals that will help install your TV and audio system in your new home!

Final Transition:

People often forget to notify others about their move. This can cause important details to be delivered to their old address and the new family that has moved in. To avoid this, you should change your addresses for mail services that you may receive.

It is important to notify your bank, monthly billers and family and friends that you have changed mailing addresses as this will allow you to not miss notifications or cards from family. Another important final point of a move is doing a walk through of your new unit or house. This allows for you to document any issues that occurred before you moved in.

Moving is a dreaded event for many people, but it is something you will mostly have to deal with. Although this time is very stressful, there are ways to help ease this stress. By following the steps we have highlighted, it will definitely benefit your move and make it run smoothly.