When you need to move your household – whether across town or the country – you want to take every precaution to safeguard your belongings and personal information. It may even be essential to keep the fact that you are moving a private matter. When you select a reputable, trustworthy moving company, youll gain the assurance that youre working with moving professionals who will handle your move with the utmost discretion. In addition, they will use top-of-the-line packing & protection materials to care for your possessions.


Why you should expect white-glove service.

A household move inevitably comes with a certain amount of stress. When you add a need or desire for confidentiality about your plans, that burden of stress gets a little heavier. An elite moving company will have specially trained, licensed, bonded, and insured movers who are almost invisible as they go about the work of packing and moving your belongings and use expert care and attention to protect your expensive collections and privacy.

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A white-glove move starts with a plan.

When you own priceless art or other high-value collectibles, any damage could mean a complete loss. However, with a detailed moving plan, a well-trained crew can move from room to room with the highest-quality packing materials to safely pack your treasured artwork, artifacts, one-of-a-kind sculptures, vintage instruments, and designer furniture and decor. After packing, the Elite movers will carefully move these items to clean, climate-controlled, and unobtrusive black moving trucks that blend into the streetscape to keep your move discrete.

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When you choose FlatRates Elite moving service, keep all client information confidential. The crew has experience working with luxury building management and will never discuss who is moving or where. Because your privacy is a priority, our Certificate of Insurance allows our movers to move within any building seamlessly and not draw attention to themselves or the move thats underway. As a result, you gain the assurance of a smooth, low-key moving experience – and the welcome benefit of moving anonymously.


Peace and quiet

With white-glove service, our professional crew works in close to complete silence. Movers use special headsets to communicate with one another with no more than a whisper. This keeps interruptions and noise to a minimum. Homeowners dont need to worry about the noise from taping up boxes; Elite movers even use a special no-noise tape to secure boxes without disturbance.

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Inventory and storage

Your Elite moving crew will document all of your belongings in a photo inventory. This method keeps your move stress-free and allows you to track and store or ship all of your items using the FlatRate app.

If you have special needs for moving and storing fine art, including the valuation services, weve got you covered. Our storage management focuses on security, expert handling, and integration with a fine art shipping network. In addition, all FlatRate facilities have special viewing areas to examine the contents of a case or crate for photography or condition reporting. On top of our valuation services, we also offer insurance for your high-value items. This covers the value of every shipment handled by our white-glove moving services.



If your move requires shipping or documentation for customs, the specialized move plan will take care of all requirements. Flat Rate will submit all of the forms to the carrier and deliver those items to the appropriate destination port.

At FlatRate, our white-glove moving team comprises attentive, experienced professionals who are specially trained, insured, licensed, and bonded. Our secure, climate-controlled warehouse provides the highest level of safety and confidentiality for the storage of your files, expensive collections, priceless art, and designer furnishings – for as long as you wish. To learn more about our Elite white-glove moving service and schedule your confidential move, visit our website.