Congratulations! Your company has outgrown its current office, and it’s time to find a bigger and better space. Relocating an entire office can seem like a difficult task. Business as usual, while the move is happening, can be a challenge. After all, there are tons of office supplies, chairs, desks, and computers to rearrange and pack. Unless working remotely, you could be closed for business for a few days while everything is being set up at the new location. ‘

At Flatrate, we plan your move before trucks and moving crews are even involved by sending a senior consultant to take a look at your office space, take the inventory down that you’re moving, and get you a guaranteed quote. This also includes answering any logistical questions about what we provide as a full-service moving company.

Once moving time comes around we execute and deliver your items with your deadlines and goals in mind: detailed logistics, a highly skilled team of movers, and IT specialists, and our unmatched packing expertise to facilitate the job and make, what could be a stressful transition, effortless. With our commercial moving services, we understand that downtime means lost income, and guaranteeing that your business runs smoothly both before and after the move is our top priority.

Benefits of Booking Your Commercial Move with FlatRate

Overnight Moving & Storage

Moving into a brand new facility? FlatRate guarantees overnight relocation regardless of office size to ultimately save you time and money. The combination of custom floor plans, detailed project schedules, and furniture placement, means our logistics team will make sure all of the often-overlooked details are figured out well before the move itself.

Oftentimes, when relocating to a new office, companies need to keep their items overnight or in short-term storage until the new office is ready to be set up. Flatrate offers overnight storage and self-storage services for this exact reason. Simply ask your consultant what this entails! Storing important documents, equipment, and office supplies is not a matter to be taken lightly which is why our storage services come with photo inventor and furniture retrieval as well as private, regularly cleaned rooms and 24/7 security.

Setting up Your New Office

Our main goal is to leave your new office exactly how you want it, by the time the move is finished. A smoother and effortless transition is our top priority. With our exclusive, custom floor plans our team of commercial movers tag and color-code your workstations. so they can be packed and unpacked seamlessly helping your employees get back to work. Of course, our moving experts will transport, unload and rearrange your desks, chairs, computers and office equipment in the new location exactly to your liking.

IT Installation

Setting up networks and various electronics (TV, WiFi, etc.) can be a major headache better left to professionals. As a full-service moving company FlatRate can handle all the small but hugely important details – this includes IT installation and WiFi set up at your brand new office space! With more than 20 years of experience, our IT specialists have seen it all. Avoid future issues with our expertise and ensure your employees can get back to work with minimal downtime.

Quality Packing Services

When scheduling a commercial move, we include boxing and packing all paper files standard. Additionally, we include documents, books, electronics, equipment, and office supplies. At FlatRate we take pride in not only providing transparent information and pricing. We also are hailed as being the best in the industry when it comes to packing. We have the know-how and work ethic to make sure your inventory is highly protected for the move ahead. If you’re moving furniture to a new location, FlatRate will guarantee full protection of your inventory. Coverage includes protecting your walls and floors to prevent damage in both your previous and new locations.


Along with commercial relocation, FlatRate offers hands-free warehousing services that include pickup, transportation, manufacturing, and delivery. This service is perfect for law firms, staging companies, and event planning agencies. Your company can store inventory and have any furniture delivered upon request.

Running a business is no easy feat and we understand the time constraints that come with that. We work flexible hours. Coordination with the schedule needs of our customers is the top priority. We follow the move plan, prepared by our clients to ensure pickups and deliveries are seamless. Through the MyFlatrate app, you can contact our team of commercial movers. We are able to retrieve exactly what you need if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

At FlatRate, we treat our commercial moving services with extra care. We focus on maximizing business opportunities to build relationships with other companies, regardless of industry. If you’re looking to move into a new office facility soon call FlatRate today or fill out a request for a quote online here and one of our representatives will reach out within a few minutes.