You’re thorough when it comes to hiring a moving company. You’ve done enough research to know that you want good moving insurance, and you know to check for DOT registration. You’re certain that you don’t want to end up with a random bunch of people handling your household, so you’ve landed here with us — FlatRate Moving. (Welcome!) You’ve heard about our White Glove Moving services, but you’re still a little unclear about the differences. We’re here to explain. So here’s how White Glove Moving Services differ from regular moving packages!

Silent Moving Experience

Packing tape makes a very specific noise, sometimes akin to nails on a chalkboard. If you’re bustling about your daily life and can stay in a different room, that might not be a problem for you! But if you’d prefer to keep things tranquil and quiet, for yourself or for the sake of your neighbors, White Glove services might be your best option.

Of course, our regular moving teams do their best to stay reasonably quiet. But our White Glove teams bring headsets that allow them to easily and quietly communicate with each other from room to room. This means they can seamlessly coordinate and execute your move more easily. They also come equipped with no-noise tape, saving you the hours of listening to boxes being sealed up! 

Discreet service for luxury buildings

If you live in a luxury building, rules and regulations around moving might be strict. We will provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for any move you book with us, but our White Glove movers can go a few steps further. Our in-house team of experts understands how to navigate the requirements and details of moving in or out of a luxury building. We’ll guide you in securing elevator permits, provide your building with the COI, and do our best to make sure your building manager is happy.

Luxury packing materials

FlatRate’s standard packing materials are already top-notch, selected after years of experience. But when you’re moving luxury items like high-value artwork or custom furniture, only the very best packing materials will do. White-Glove Services include double-layered moving boxes to ensure there’s no chance your belongings will get crushed or torn en route. The moving blankets are extra thick and extra durable to keep your furniture fully protected. Dust covers are also used to ensure that your belongings stay clean. Start life in your new home fresh and clean!

Everything is then transported in our spotless, climate-controlled trucks. Even on the most sweltering day or the most frigid winds won’t be able to damage your belongings. This is especially important for electronics, artwork, and wooden furniture!

Flatrate mover How White Glove Moving Services Differ From Regular Movers

Highly skilled in packing and crating high-end artwork and high-value items

Every mover at FlatRate is fully trained in-house to conduct a move safely and efficiently. But some movers have specialized skills that are useful for particular needs! If you have a collection of fine art, antique, or custom furniture, or maybe a few large, oddly shaped statues, you need custom crating. Our carpentry team is at the ready-to-build crates to keep your items safe. No project is too challenging, big or small, for our carpentry department. Movers will take measurements, and then build your crate at our location in the Bronx to keep things quiet at your home. 

Custom moving plan, everything mapped out in detail

At FlatRate, we understand that time is precious and planning is key. Whatever method of moving you choose, your Moving Specialist will help you decide which services you need on moving day. With White Glove services, you’ll get an added level of planning. The moving team will establish a detailed plan for each room, including identifying items that need special handling. 

A floor plan for your new home will tell your movers where to deliver each item. If there is Wifi to be installed or furniture to be assembled, your move plan will include the details so you don’t have to play director. Every step will be taken to ensure that moving day is as streamlined and stress-free as possible!

How White Glove Moving services differ from regular movers 1 How White Glove Moving Services Differ From Regular Movers

Have you determined what type of moving services fit your needs? Our Moving Specialists are ready to help! Get a flat rate moving quote quickly and easily.