3 Biggest Advantages of Using Professional Moving Boxes (Plus Post-Move Tips)

Despite being an essential part of the moving process itself, people often don’t take enough care when selecting their moving boxes. Especially when moving on a budget, it’s common to want to cut costs in various ways. Most often cost-cutting occurs by reusing and re-purposing boxes to pack for a move, rather than buying new ones.

There are a ton of articles online about where to get free boxes: at your local grocery or liquor store, your building super, from friends on social media, etc., but when it comes to the protection of your items, we at FlatRate Moving felt we should share some issues that often come up when using recycled boxes.

1. Uniformity and Identification

You just spent all this time organizing the perfect move. From making multiple checklists to calling companies for quotes, why should this level of organization stop when it comes to packing? Though it may seem like a good idea to put old Amazon, shoe boxes, or whatever you can find to use the uniformity that comes with using professional moving boxes can’t be understated.

First off, there’s usually a place on moving boxes to mark specifically the room or contents within the box making unpacking that much easier. If you have a color-coding system based on the room/contents of each box it will be that much easier to identify when the boxes get to their destination.

In extreme circumstances, you wouldn’t want a building employee finding random boxes and unknowingly mistaking them for trash. Uniform boxes, all with the same logo on them, are meant for moving to make this scenario impossible.

2. Sanitary and Cleanliness Concerns

While free boxes from your super, local grocery or liquor store, or friend’s last move may seem like a perfectly viable option, they have the potential to bring unwanted pests into your new home.
Bedbugs have been described as an epidemic in NYC, especially during summer. Other pests like clothes moths, cockroaches, beetles, and silverfish (though all not quite as serious as bedbugs) can also be hidden away in the folds of a reused box.

That being said, when packing your (hopefully new) boxes, launder your clothing and fabrics before packing and be sure to dust and inspect that book collection for any signs of insect damage (this can include small brown pellets and holes). Here’s a helpful post from a pest control company about this specifically.

corrugated box 3 Biggest Advantages of Using Professional Moving Boxes

3. Preventing Damage

Though it may seem self-explanatory, moving boxes are designed for just that: moving.

There are a few features that make moving boxes different from your average cardboard boxes. FlatRate Moving only uses boxes with corrugated walls. This box design absorbs shock and reduces damage with small air pockets in between the cardboard. These boxes are also recyclable and biodegradable to reduce your carbon footprint after the move.

While the majority of items that are shipped whether to you or the local store that you received boxes from will have the same corrugated walls, there’s no telling if these boxes have already been somewhat compromised while being shipped in the first place.

Boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and while the options may seem overwhelming every box has a unique purpose for what items should be placed in them. This makes it easier on the movers and ultimately keeps your items more secure during travel.

There are specific boxes better suited for everything from your books to your linens to highly specialized boxes for televisions that ensure maximum protection for that flat-screen TV. If you’ve looked into boxes or moved before, you’ve surely come across wardrobe boxes that have a hanging bar for clothes you don’t want to fold up.

Post-Move Box Tips:

You’re all unpacked and are left with a bunch of empty boxes. Here are a few tips on what to do with those used moving boxes:

  • Keep for storage for off-season items like winter clothes during the summer months. In the case of an NYC apartment move, reuse with your storage unit.
  • Recycle using this handy guide about how to recycle cardboard and the importance behind it.
  • If you’re in NYC check out this very helpful WikiHow article and be sure to search your new address on the Dept. of Sanitation website for when recycling and garbage pickup are scheduled as they will probably differ from your previous residence.

FlatRate Moving can pack for you as well as supply the exact boxes you need for your move. Order too many boxes through our box delivery service when booking a move? No problem, only pay for the boxes you use.

You can decide to keep the boxes you didn’t use for another move or other purposes. You can also return them to us at FlatRate for a refund, on your move.

Ready to request a quote? Fill out the form on this page, click this link or give us a call! As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more FlatRate Moving blog posts in the future.

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