No one should have to tell you how heavy a pool table is. This is the main reason most people hire professionals to move them. However, there are other reasons why it is not a good idea to move them yourself. Whether you insist on saving money and recruiting friends to move your table or if you still are trying to determine if you should splurge and hire professionals, there are a few things you need to know.

Why Hire Movers to Help Move your Billiards Table? 

Before you learn about disassembling and moving you may want to know why pool tables are one of the most important items that movers should handle. Did all your buddies gather around the table and do a little lift test to determine if they could carry it? There is a huge difference between lifting it for a few seconds and hauling it several feet. These tables average 700 pounds or more. Have you considered how you are going to get it through the door or up the stairs?

More importantly, pool tables can be damaged by bumping, rocking, and of course, dropping. The legs are generally screwed into the cabinet using a large pin. Unnatural movements will force the pin to press into the housing. This can cause the housing to expand, which can result in wobbling. Plus, the entire table can become off-balance, which can cause shifting of the rails and pockets. Movement is the greatest enemy of your pool table. Professionals know how to handle them and where to lift them to minimize excess movement. Plus, they will be able to make sure it is level in the new place and check the soundness of the cabinet, tightness of the rail bolts, and integrity of the seams.

Still, Insist on Moving Your Pool Table? 

If you are still eager to take on this project, you are going to need a lot of help. Even the disassembling part will have you struggling with heavy components to remove. So, although you may need to recruit your friends with beer, you do not necessarily want to get everyone drinking before you deal with these heavy pieces.

Before you get started you will need a flathead screwdriver, staple remover, and safety goggles. The goggles are for the person removing staples, as they have a tendency to take flight when freed.

Find the staples in the pocket straps and remove them. The bolts under the rails get removed and stored safely, so there is no risk of losing any. At this point, the rails will pop out. The felt can be removed next. It will likely have staples, but if it happens to be glued you will need to remove it very carefully.

Now, turn the table over and remove the screens from the slate and lift the slate from the frame. Lastly, you will need to remove the legs. Wrap every piece individually, so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged.

When you load it into your new place you are going to need to put it back together with the way it was. Hopefully, you will remember exactly where every staple goes. If your felt gets glued back on this can be a very tricky task. Even a clump of glue under the felt can ruin your pool game, so you will need to take extra care to make sure this is done correctly.

Pool tables are challenging to move. You pose a great risk for injury and the table can be damaged more easily than you might imagine. Even if you are renting a moving truck and doing a self-move, you will want to consider at least hiring movers for this one item.